New Shala (online only) registration for 2017-18 is now open . 

Registration for 2017-2018 Shala Year - is now Open
Instill spiritual development, self-awareness, moral consciousness, social well-being, and Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism.

· Bring happiness to our life through the proud heritage of Jainism 
· Enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health while maintaining fundamental values of Jainism 
· Adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity 
· Create positive environment around teachers, participants, family members and friends 
· Utilize latest scientific information where applicable

We need more teachers & volunteers for assisting with the Pathshala. 
Please contact our JCNC Pathshala at


Avoid last minute hastles, and Register online EARLY!​.
We are happy to announce to start new SAT prep class for grades 7-8 and High school.
Due to temple expansion, we will have limited rooms space and parking available. Hence  we have divided Shala into Junior and Senior shala for this year.
Junior shala  (2 and 4 Sunday)
  • 9.30 am -10 am Sutra Class
  • 10.10 am - 11.30 am
                 Jain Toddler,Prekg, Kg, Grade 1, Grade 2
  • 12 noon - 1.20 pm
    • Hindi, Pre L1,L1, L2
    • Guj  Kg, 1,2 
 Senior shala (1,3,5 Sunday)
  •    9.30 am -10 am Sutra Class 
  •    10.10 am - 11.30 am  
           Jain Grade 3 to high school
  •    12 noon - 1.20 pm
          Hindi shala L3 , L4,L5, L6
          Guj  shala  3,4,5
          SAT prep - Middle 7-8 (Need to be in those Grades in school ) 
          High school 9-12 (Need to be in those Grades in school )

Registration links:

Registration for 2017-2018 Shala Year is now Open

The registration for the upcoming Shala is started. 

Please note, to enroll in Sutra Class, register in Jain Shala. All traditions will have sutra classes beginning in the fall.

Jain Shala
Jain Shala Registration

Hindi Shala:  
Hindi Shala Registration

Gujarati Shala:  
Gujarati Shala 2017-2018

SAT Class Registration:  SAT class registration 2017-2018

·       Please remember to register for both Jain Shala, Language  shala and SAT class  separately.
·       Make sure to add "guest" with your child’s name. Without this step your registration is incomplete.
·       If you are not familiar with 123SignUp registration system, please refer to Shala Registration Steps document.
·       Please note that we will not be accepting paper forms .

Key Dates:
·     Sep 10: First day of Junior Shala (Classes upto Grade 2)
      Sep 17 : First day of  Senior Shala (Classes Grade 3 onwards)
Shala Fees:
·       Members: Jain Shala - $70
·       Members: Language Shala,SAT prep - $125  
·       Non-­members: Jain Shala - $95
·       Non-­members: Language Shala ,SAT prep- $175
Minimum Age: All of below rules will be enforced
  •    Jain Shala Toddler: must be 3 years and potty trained by 9/1/2017
  •    Jain Shala Pre-K: must be 4 years by 9/1/2017
  •    Jain Shala KG: must be 5 years by 10/1/2017
  •    Hindi Pre-L1: must be 4 years by 9/1/2017
  •    Gujarati KG: must be 5 years by 10/1/2017
  •    SAT prep: Must be in the respective Grades 7-8 or High school in their  local school

Volunteer: We are actively looking for volunteers and teachers across shala classes. If you are interested in being a volunteer,  you can select the option for volunteering in the online registration link. Please mention you are interested in teaching or helping in other ways with JCNC shala .
Please note JCNC Membership is based on Calendar year. You can signup or renew you membership online at Membershipor contact 

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