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Pathshala Rules

  • If student is more than 10 minutes late, he/she will be given a tardy slip.
  • After 3 tardy slips, it will be considered 1 absence.
  • After 3 absences without informing the teacher in advance, student will be removed from all classes he/she is registered for.
  • Keep JCNC property in good condition.  Avoid any type of damages to Jain Bhawan equipment, furniture, etc.


  • Attend Pathshala Town hall meeting at least once per year. 
  • Participate as helper in at least one of many Pathshala events (sleepover, cultural program, field trips, etc.).


  • Have Fun
  • Listen to everyone’s ideaswith an open mind, consider good ideas, give credit to the people whose good ideas are adopted. Do not reject any ideas right away.
  • Create team atmosphere
  • No interruptions or advise when a session is underway
  • Inform fully & ahead of time, avoid surprises
  • Put an extra effort to make everyone feel good
  • Ask for or give feedback at the end of the class
  • Follow up on negative feedback
  • It’s okay to acknowledge own mistakes
  • Be on time
  • Everyone participates, no one dominates
  • No need to be forceful to express views
  • No word-smithing @
  • Accept only what appeals to our common sense %
  • Have Fun