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Individuals or families seeking to enroll or renew membership, or update their profile may do so by using this online process. The benefits of becoming a member of JCNC are many - be a part of the community, support the Jain Bhawan, receive discounted rates for JCNC events, receive JCNC publication, preference for event registration etc., Please note that you need a credit card for membership payments.

Please make sure you add your spouse email address so that we can send JCNC election ballots to your spouse via email (applicable to Family and Life members only). It also helps you when you sign up for JCNC events.



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You can access your record in the JCNC membership database using your e-mail address.

Case 1: JCNC has your valid e-mail address on file.

Please click on the update profile, enter your e-mail address, and click on "Forgot password". A new unique password will be sent to your e-mail address. Go to your email software, and pick up that password and come back to login. Please change your password and update your contact information.

Case 2: JCNC does not have your e-mail address on file.

Please contact pr@jcnc.org