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Dear Community members, Jai Jinendra,

We are very pleased to announce a general information session at JCNC, Milpitas about the Forthcoming JAINA convention. 

Shri Mahesh Wadher (JAINA Convention Convener and First VP) and other JAINA leadership team will be visiting JCNC Temple, Milpitas and provide an informal session about JAINA activities and JAINA Convention 2019 that is taking place at Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California from July 4, 2019 to July 7, 2019. 

As a continued supporter of JAINA, this will be a great opportunity for JCNC community members to meet and greet JAINA Convention Board and to learn about JAINA projects, upcoming Convention and sponsorship opportunities.

Date: March 2nd (Saturday) 12-3:30 pm

Swamivatsalya Lunch will be served from 12 noon to 1.00 pm. Followed by update by JAINA leadership to JCNC community.

RSVP is must, on or before February 27, 2019. Click here to RSVP. Please contact JCNC leadership for more information or any questions.

Best Regards,
  • Prem Jain (Past JAINA President & JCNC President)
  • Nitin Shah (Chairman), JCNC, 408-406-2283, bodchair@jcnc.org
  • Sudhanshu Jain (President), JCNC, 408 393 7668, president@jcnc.org
  • Hetan Shah / Rajeev Jain, PR Departement, JCNC, pr@jcnc.org

[JCNC] Religious Events coming up in next two week [12/2/2019 - 12/15/2019]

posted Dec 2, 2019, 11:03 PM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Dec 2, 2019, 11:05 PM ]

Jai Jinendra and Pranam,
We are pleased to announce the following Religious Events coming up for next two weeks. Please plan to attend and take dharma laabh!
Event NameDateDayStartEnd

Snatra Pooja in observance of Maun Ekadashi (Temple)12/8/2019Sunday10:00 AM11:30 AM
Bi Weekly Bhavana (Rang Mandap)12/13/2019Friday8:00 PM9:30 PM
Bhaktamar Path (Rang Mandap)12/14/2019Saturday10:30 AM12:00 PM
Aalochna Bhakti and Swadhyay (Shrimad Tradition) (Bhakti Area)12/15/2019Sunday2:00 PM4:00 PM

You can sponsor any of our activities : Snatra Puja, Bhavana, Navkar Jaap, and Bhaktamar Path, Musical Abhishek for only $101..

[JCNC] Announcment: Hindi Shala Registration will close on December 1st

posted Nov 20, 2019, 10:40 PM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra,

Please note that Hindi Shala Registration will be closed from Dec 1st. In case you have not enrolled your kids in Hindi Shala and are interested in enrolling,  please complete registration as soon as possible.

Here is the link to register for Hindi Shala

Here is the Link to Shala Web Page for general information.

Make sure to add "guest" with your child’s name. Without this step your registration is incomplete.

If you are not familiar with 123SignUp registration system, please refer to Shala Registration Steps document.

As this registration will be considered late. Fees will not be prorated. 
Please email education@jcnc.org if you have any questions or need more information.

Mitesh Sheth, Ritaben Shah 
VP & Co VP of Education -JCNC 2018 -2019
920-251-0497 / 510-908-8647

Sign up for Email Communications:

Education emails and Shala information are sent via PR department. Please subscribe to JCNC Yahoo Groups mailing list to receive Education, Shala information as well as other Temple related announcements.

To Subscribe send email to jcnc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

[JCNC] 2020 JCNC Executive Committee - Request to apply for Open Positions!!!

posted Nov 16, 2019, 7:58 PM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra,

Thank you for participating in the recently concluded JCNC Elections.


Our heartiest congratulations to the 2020-21 JCNC Executive Committee (EC) members.


The Election Committee has unanimously voted to defer open EC positions to the EC of the upcoming term (2020-21) to nominate and select suitable candidates (as applicable) and to the Board of Directors of the upcoming term for approval thereof. All of the eligibility requirements for EC positions per JCNC 3rd Amended Bylaws would be applicable for following open positions.


Open Positions:

  • VP of Religious Programs and Activities [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
  • VP of Facilities Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
  • VP of Private Events [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
  • Co-VP of Cultural [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)


As we go thru the EC transitions, and in order to continue providing highest level of services right after the start of the new EC term, President-elect requests the JCNC Life Members in good standing and seek application from Life Members for consideration to the following open positions:


Please click here for Roles and Responsibilities: JCNC Policies - New

1. Position: VP of Religious Programs and Activities (1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

This is an exciting opportunity to lead JCNC’s religious programs and related activities. VP together with Co-VP will lead end-to-end planning and successful execution of various religious programs. If you are passionate about religion and religious rituals, then step forward and engage in a lifetime experience. Prior experience in religious programs and/or JCNC management is a plus.

2. Position: VP of Private Events [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Here is another exciting opportunity to serve JCNC. Private Events manage the facility contract and relationship with private parties. This role often requires travel to JCNC on a short notice to receive the parties and also for event handling purposes.

3. Position: VP of Facilities Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Facilities Administration department ensures that our beautiful Bhavan is in top condition. VP of Facilities Administration will oversee the maintenance of all aspects of building-related matters.


4. Position: Co-VP of Cultural [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Co-VP of Cultural is responsible for planning and executions of various cultural programs. If you have knack for talents and arts, please show it to the community by becoming part of our Cultural team.


Please submit nomination via e-mail to president@jcnc.org and  pr@jcnc.org by no later than December 06, 2020.


Your e-mail response must have the following information:

1. Position of interest: (Please identify only one position): __________________

2. Past experience (if any) working in the Executive Committee, committee, Board of Director or

as a JCNC member: (5 lines only)






3. Any other relevant experience outside JCNC (5 lines)







Requirements to be considered for a position:

1.      No verbal requests will be considered.

2.      21 years of age or older

3.      JCNC Life member



Sudhanshu Jain                                                             Biren Shah

President 2018-19                                                        President-elect 2020-21

M: (408) 393-7668                                                       M: (408) 206-9049

[JCNC] Future Jain Leadership Program (FJLP) and Next Generation Nations (NGN) Event

posted Nov 16, 2019, 7:56 PM by JCNC Technology

Dear Community members,

You may be aware that JITO sponsored Future Jain Leadership Program (FJLP) is hosting mentor-mentees event for Jain Youth. We have invited powerful Silicon Valley Jain influencers including some of them are unicorn CEOs. Event is on this Sunday, November 17 (9:30 AM - 1:00 PM).

Youth between the ages 13 -19 along with their parents are invited to attend this event. 

More details are available at https://www.eventleaf..com/fjlpmentormixer

Hetan Shah & Rajeev Jain

VP & Co-VP Public Relations & Membership

For any questions, please contact us @ pr@jcnc.org

[JCNC] College Admission Road Map

posted Nov 16, 2019, 7:54 PM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra and Pranam

JCNC is proud to announce  "JCNC College Admission Road Map" event on November 17th (Sunday) between 2:30 and 5 PM. This event is organized to provide an insight into what it takes for High School students and their parents to prepare for education beyond high school. 

US college admission process, in general, can be a complex process and parents may only realize it till they personally go through it. This is true especially for the first-generation parents in the US. FYI: Unlike India, the college selection process is supposed to be based on multiple factors and high school grades is not the only factor.

The purpose of this College Admission RoadMap event is to educate JCNC students and parents about the know-how of this admission process.  

We have two JCNC students who will share their success story as well as an external professional speaker to provide an overview of this whole process.
Niharika Jain and Neil Shah will share their experiences being Jain in the college campus which could be a valuable guidance for our JCNC students.
So, please register and take benefit from this interactive informational session.

Session Details:

Venue : JCNC
Date : Nov 17, 2019 (Sunday)
Time : 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm


[JCNC] Chomasi Chaudas on Nov 11, 2019

posted Nov 7, 2019, 9:01 PM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Nov 9, 2019, 10:53 PM ]

Jai Jinendra!


We are pleased to announce following religious programs for Chomasi Chaudas. 

We are hosting Samuhik Ekasana on Chomasi Chaudas day. We humbly request you to RSVP for Ekasana if you plan to participate so we get accurate count for preparing food. 

We also need your help in cooking/serving so please let us know if you can help by using the same RSVP link.


Here’s the schedule for all programs. Please participate and take dharma laabh!

Chomasi Chaudas - Monday November 11, 2019

----------------------------- Event #1 --------------------------

Snatra Puja

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am in Rang Mandap

 Nakaro $101 (Multiple Sponsors welcome)

----------------------------- Event #2 --------------------------

Ekasana : Please RSVP here :  RSVP Link

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in Dining Room

----------------------------- Event #3 --------------------------


Monday, November 11, 2019 - 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm in Bhakti area

----------------------------- Event #4 --------------------------

Chomasi Chaudas Pratikaman (Shwetamber Deravasi Tradition)

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

[JCNC] Kartik Poonam: Shrimad Rajchandra Janmotsav‏‏ Celebration

posted Nov 5, 2019, 9:51 PM by JCNC Technology

Jain Center Of Northern California

722 South Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035 

Jai Jinendra, Jai Prabhu


JCNC is celebrating Kartik Purnima- Janma Jayanti of Shrimad Rajchandra on Saturday, 09 November '2019, 10.00am to 12.30pm followed by Sadharmik Vatsalya sponsored by Mumuxu Mandal. Also it marks 100th year celebration of Agas ashram Sthapana Din. Please join in this celebration with your family and friends.
Kartik Purnima - also called as Dev Diwali, falls on the 15th day of the waxing moon in Kartik month (15th day after the Diwali). This marks the end of Chaturmas or rainy season- sadhus restart vihar in India and shatrunjay mountains reopen for pilgrims. And that is why we do Shatrunjay Maha Tirth Pat (replica) darshan and puja done on this auspicious day.

Also Shrimad Rajchandra ji was born on Sunday, the night of the full moon of kartik in VS 1924 or 9th November,1867 in Vavania, Gujarat.. This day is also auspicious, as the full moon of kartik, as we call Dev Diwali, also saw the birth of a great soul like the great Jain saint scholar Acharya Hemchandracharya. 

Lets all celebrate together:

  Shrimad Rajchandra Janmotsav and 100th Year Celebrtion of Agas Ashram Sthapana Din : 

 Saturday, 09 NOV. 2019

10.00am-12.30pm, followed by Sadharmik Vatsalya Sponsored 

by a Mumukshu Mandal.

Shrimad Rajchandra SadGuru Devay Namo Namah:

Program Outlines:  








Bhakti Hall

Padmanandi and Bruhad Alochana

Moti Chomasi Chaudas



10.00am – 12.30pm 

Bhakti Hall

Shri Atmasiddhi Shashtra Bhakti, JanmotsavPado, Swadhyay

followed by Sadharmik Vatsalya sponsored by Mumukshu Mandal

Kartik Sud Poonam: Dev Diwali 

Shrimad Rajchandra Janma Jayanti Celebration     

100th Year Celebration of Agas Ashram

Multiple sponsors are welcome:  

Aarti $101.00

Mangal Divo $51.00. 

                 Please contact: Pramod Patel (650) 222-7536  pramodpatel@yahoo.com

[JCNC] Religious Pprograms on Gyan Pancham Day, Friday, November 1, 2019

posted Oct 31, 2019, 4:15 PM by JCNC Technology

Shri Adinathay Namah Shri Parshvanathay Namah:  Shri Mahaviray Namah:

Jai Jinendra !!

We are pleased to announce the following religious programs for Gyan Pancham on Friday, November 1, 2019. Please. participate & take Dharm Laabh.


JCNC Temple will remain open all day from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Friday, November 1, 2019

----------------------------- Event #1 --------------------------

Snatra Puja

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 9:00 am to 10:30 am in Rang Mandap

 Nakaro $101 (Multiple Sponsors welcome)

----------------------------- Event #2 --------------------------

45 Jain Aagam Poojan + Saraswati Upasana

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 10:30 am to 11:30 am in Bhakti Area 

Pdt Shri Jayeshbhai Khona will lead this Upasana.  

     Back Ground: 45 Aagam is the part of Jain Main Siddhant  all the essence which was blessed by Prabhu Mahaveer with Three core words " Upanehiwa / Vigha megiwa/ Dho eyviva and then all the 11 Ganadhara had created the Dwadh Saangi. we will be doing the Poojan of those Aagams + Saraswati Devi is recognized as supreme deity of knowledge and wisdom. Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, is considered to be the source of all the learning. This divine energy is the source of spiritual light, remover of all ignorance and promoter of all knowledge. Each Participant will do Vaskep Pooja on laminated photo of Saraswati Devi & recite Shardastak, stutis, mantras during the Upasana.

----------------------------- Event #3 --------------------------

Gyan Pancham Shrimad Bhakti Swadhyay

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm in Bhakti Area

------------------------- Event #4--------------------------

Kids/Youth Session conducted by Pathshala Teachers

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm in Bhakti room

(Adults are welcome to attend. Please arrive at 6.50 PM, do Darshan so we can begin and end this session on time. Aarti starts at 7.45 PM)

Our Pathshala Teachers will conduct a special session for Pathshala kids where they will learn about:

  • Importance of Gyan Panchami.
  • Learn about Different Types of Gyan.
  • Gyan Khamasanas (Bow down and show respect for different types of Gyan).
  • Gyan vidhi.
  • Gyan Jaap

Gyan, which means knowledge, is very important to us. Without right knowledge, one cannot be on the right path to liberation of the soul. We’ve created a setup to display Gyan in the Bhakti area. Temple will be open all day so please.bring your kids do the following vidhi:

  1.  Vaskep Pooja of the Gyan displayed in Bhakti area
  2. Do 51 Khamasnasas
  3. Do 51 Logassa Karyotsarg
  4. Do 20 Navkarvali of this mantra - Aum Hrim Namo Nanassa
  5. Learn a new sutra/stuti etc. 
  6. DevVandan for Gyan Pancham 

Here are the 5 types of knowledge that we worship on this day.

Five Types of Knowledge

Mati Jnanavaraniya

Knowledge acquired through the senses and the mind. All souls possess this type of knowledge.

Shruta Jnanavaraniya

Knowledge acquired through scriptures and reading. All souls possess this type of knowledge.

Avadhi Jnanavaraniya

Knowledge acquired through clairvoyance; with this knowledge, the soul can see past what just senses and the mind can see. Heavenly and hellish beings have this knowledge, as do certain, very spiritually advanced humans. Thirthankars have this knowledge since birth.

Manah-paryaya Jnanavaraniya

Knowledge acquired through telepathy. Thirthankars attain this knowledge when they renounce the worldly life. Some very spiritually advanced monks can also obtain this knowledge.

Keval Jnanavaraniya

Infinite knowledge of the past, present, and future. This knowledge encompasses the other four types of knowledge as well. Arihantas, Siddhas, and Kevalis, all of whom have destroyed all their jnanavaraniya karma, possess this knowledge.

Gyan Pancham Setup at JCNC Please take Dharm Labh

Mittal Kothari & Rikesh Shah
VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs
For any questions, please contact us @ religious@jcnc.org


posted Oct 31, 2019, 4:14 PM by JCNC Technology

JCNC Senior mixer group has a monthly meeting at JCNC Auditorium, on Saturday 11/09/2019

All senior citizens in JCNC community are welcome to attend the meeting. No registration fee or formality.

10:30 AM to 11:00 AM   Stavans, Bhakti etc..
11:00 AM to 11:45 AM   Presentation by Ashishbhai Mehta on Vastu Shastra for Good Health.
11:45 AM to 12:00 PM   Introduction of new members, Birthdays and Anniversary Celebration.
12:00 PM to 01:00 PM   Presentation by Bharat Tripathi on Medicare
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM   Lunch

Technology Classes are cancelled until further notice
Please note Senior Mixer meeting in December  will be on second Saturday of the month 12/14/2019

JCNC Senior Mixer Coordinators
Mr. Nitin Shah 408 406 2283
Mr. Ramnik Gohel 510 299 1766

[JCNC] JCNC Community Outreach Event: Winter Coat Drive (Oct 28 to Nov 20)

posted Oct 29, 2019, 11:04 PM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra jcnc members,

Its yearly time to collect the winter coats and distribute to the needy, share the warmth!! It’s the principal of the Jain way of life – live and let-live. 


There are many people out there who cannot afford the same goodies as we do. As youth in the JCNC PVSA team, we hope you can come by the temple and donate winter coats to our drive and share your love! The coat drive is to raise awareness of the people living at or below the poverty line and to make them feel warm, hopefully with a new or gently used winter coat.



Please donate only new or gently used coats (any size), drop your donations in bins labeled Coat Drive located under the main staircase in the temple. We will accept donations of winter coats until Nov 20, 2019, till 2:00 PM. We will be donating them to the One Warm Coat organization located in the bay area. 

Please contact Yana Bapna at yanabapna@gmail.com or serviceawards@jcnc.org for more information. Thank you for your help and support.




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