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2021 Samuhik Tapasvi Parna

posted Sep 18, 2021, 10:30 AM by JCNC Technology

2021 Samuhik Tapasvi Parna

Shree Adinathji Namah!! Shree Parshvanathji Namah!! Shri Mahaveer Swamiji Namah!!

સર્વે તપસ્વી શાતા મા રહેજો | Sarve Tapasvi saatama rehjo

ખૂબ ખૂબ અનુમોદના | Khoob khoob anumodna

As is our strong and beloved tradition, JCNC is pleased to organize the Samuhik parna for our precious Paryushan Tapasvis once again this year. We have made arrangements to accommodate our Tapasvis in a safe and comfortable environment at JCNC although it will be different from past years.


The following map shows where the parnas will be conducted. As you can see we are distributing the seating in order to reduce crowding and minimize the chances of SARS-COV2 spread.


We will endeavor to place family members together but children doing small tapasyas will be kept separate from their parents doing Atthai. We request your cooperation given the circumstances.


Secondly, our volunteers will control the crowd so that there are no more than 140 masked members allowed in the tent at any given time. Please note that we will allow you to do parna of Tapasvis in the following order:

  1. Sponsors followed by volunteers starting at 8 AM. 

  2. 2 family members per Tapasvi starting at 8:15 AM. 

  3. General public at 8:45 AM. 


The parna program will continue till 10 AM and we will give everyone an opportunity to do Tapasvi parna.


To keep everyone safe, we require that:

  1. You cover your face at all times when not eating or drinking

  2. You are fully vaccinated

  3. You did not recently arrive from a different region, state, or country

  4. You are not showing any symptoms

Parna Dates and Registration


Platinum Sponsor

Deep and Rashmi Nishar

Gold Sponsors

Amit Nahata

Ashish, Rachana, Sahil, Dhruv Vora

Silver Sponsors

Jaini, Neeraj Bhansali, Sadarjoshi 

Santosh and Mahima Teegala 

Shirish Bavishi 

Aswin and Geeta Jain

A few sponsorships are still available


We are going to conduct two different Parna programs on Sep 11 and Sep 12 so that regardless of when you are completing your Samvatsari pratikraman, JCNC has arranged a Samuhik Parna for you.


It is important to register yourself under the correct date for Tapasvi Parna. We also request you to join no later than 7:45 AM so that we can conduct the program smoothly and peacefully. Both programs will be identical and we will endeavor the provide a similar experience.


Register each Tapasvi one at a time and specify exact tapasya as well as indicate if they should be seated with another person who is also registered as a Tapasvi. Please note we cannot seat Atthai tapasvis with non-Atthai tapasvis. Please make sure to mention whether you will attend the Parna and update your signup if there is any change. If you are planning to do your Parna at home and would like to receive a TOGO box, please let us know in the comments section of your signup.


For Sep 11 Parna: click here and sign up/change your sign up by 8pm on Sep 10

For Sep 12 Parna: click here and sign up/change your sign up by 8pm on Sep 11




6:30 AM

Dwar Opening by Aswin, Geeta, Astha and Ayush Jain

6:45 AM

Dev vandan

7:30 AM


7:45 AM

Tapasvis seated

8:00 AM

Manglik Pravachan by Acharya Roopchandji Maharaj and Dr. Jitendrabhai Shah

8:15 AM

Parna starts

9:30 AM

Last serving for Tapasvis

Navkarshi and RSVP

Thanks to the generous sponsorships for the Parna program, we are pleased to announce Navkarshi for all attendees of the Parna, including those who are not registered as Tapasvis. In order to properly plan for their food, we require that they RSVP as soon as possible. RSVP must be completed by 8 pm on the day before the event for us to honor your RSVP.


Please note that Navkarshi will be served from 8:45 AM till 9:30 AM. We will be serving a different menu for Navkarshi compared to the Tapasvi Parna. We request you to not insist on being served other items not included in Navkarshi. Anyone who has not RSVPed will only be served after 9:30 AM.


For Sep 11 Navkarshi: Register the exact number of attendees (click here)

For Sep 12 Navkarshi: Register the exact number of attendees (click here)

Tapasvi Bahumaan

September 25, 2021


Gold Sponsor


Do’s and Don’ts activity worksheet sponsor

Preetesh and Jayana Parekh

Silver Sponsors

Nirav and Niki Doctor 

Shailesh Shah and family

Bhavin Shah and family

A few sponsorships are still available

Paryushan and Das Lakshan Parva are occasions for Dharma aradhana and Tapasyas. JCNC is blessed to have such a large number of Tapasvis in our Sangh. We are pleased to announce Tapasvi Bahumaan program on September 25, 2021.


On this day, we will be honoring our Tapasvis on behalf of Sakal Sangh. We have also arranged Sadharmik Vatsalya for the community on the day. More details about this will become available shortly. 


We are also planning to have a Chaitya Paripati on this day to visit up to 4 local ghar derasar other than JCNC and details about this will become available soon. 

Padmesh Parekh and Dr. Nikunj Mehta

VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs

For any questions, please contact us by email to religious@jcnc.org