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3 days Lecture series by Bhattarak Ji

posted Jun 15, 2019, 7:26 PM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Jun 15, 2019, 7:31 PM ]
Jai Jinendra,

We are pleased to announce upcoming visit of renowned dignitary Bhattarakji who will be conducting 3 day lecture series at JCNC. 

Please save the date and mark your calendar. We are fortunate to have such opportunities at JCNC. Please join with your family and friends and take Dharma Laabh!

Dates: Monday, June 24 to Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Time : 8:15 to 9:15PM

Location: JCNC Temple 


1: The importance of Jin-Mandir
2: Jain Shravak and their essential duties
3: Diksha celebration on the 100th birth anniversary of 108 Shri Shanti Sagarji maharaj

Bhattarakji Introduction:


Bhattaraka is said to mean a scholar who has mastered all branches of knowledge and arts with an unquenching thirst for knowledge. A Bhattaraka is expected to be well-versed in religious knowledge acquired through intense study and to be the well-wisher of monks and great souls. He should propagate religious principles.
The present Gurupeetha was founded in 1220 by the then Pontiff, Swasti Shree Charukeerthi Pandithachayavarya of Shravanabelagola Mutt.
Moodbidri Mutt is a great seat of Jain Bhattaraka (Jain Pontiff) and one of the most prominent Jain Mutts. The Bhattarakas hold the literary title, ‘Charukeerthi Swamiji’. They have been pontiffs of Jains and kings alike and wield great influence, command, and respect in Royal Darbars (royal assemblies) of all the states in India. The Bhattarakas of the Moodbidri Jain Mutt has been very famous for their accomplishments in learning Sanskrit, Prakrit, Jainology, herbal medicine, and philosophy.
Presently, this sacred seat of the Bhattaraka is held by a young and energetic sage who is enthroned on this religious seat of Jain Mutt as a successor to the previous Swamiji. He secured a Diploma in computer science and civil engineering vasthu architect in Building Construction. He had his post-graduate education and obtained M. A. in Economics and Vastuvisharada (a course on traditional Indian architecture). At present, the Swamiji is the supreme Head of a lot of institutions such as Ramarani Research Centre, Sri Mahaveera College, swassthi Shree residential Jain Pre-university College, Gamaka School of Art, Choodamani Art Gallery and also the Managing Trustee of the famous 18 Jain Temples of Moodbidri which includes world- famous Thousand Pillar Temple and Siddhanta Temple which has invaluable, antique and precious stone-idols. He also runs an old age home for the old and a free student hostel..
He is one of the promoters of Bharathiya Sanskrithika Parishad of Karnataka, Jeevan Vigyan Academy of Bangalore and Animal Kindness Society of Bangalore. He is the Head of the Moodbidri Chapter of World Conference for Peace and Religion. He is the Managing Trustee of Dhavalathraya Trust (Regd.)
“Vivekabhyudaya”, a popular monthly propagating the Shramana Sanskrithi (Jain culture), is being published for the last 76 years by the Jain Mutt.
Right from the day of his becoming the Head of the Jain Mutt, the Swamiji kept himself busy in all kinds of religious, cultural and social activities and he organized the literary conference and religious functions. He attended conferences worldwide and carried out the work of his predecessor and gave Moodbidri a new distinction as a center of religious activities, art, and culture.
He was the principal speaker at the 2000th-millennium celebration of Jesus Christ in Mysore. He is one of the members of “Jnana Peetha Foundation”, Delhi, which confers the prestigious national literary award every year called “Jnana Peetha Award”. The Swamiji was the honorary guest at the 10-day Jain ritual called “Dashalakshana Parva” in Nepal in the year 2000.