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Ayambil Oli Tap

posted Mar 25, 2015, 8:06 PM by JCNC Technology

*Shri Adinathay Namah:*
*Shri Parshvanathay Namah:*
* Shri Mahaviray Namah:*

Ayambil Oli Tap

Chaitra Sud 8 - Chaitra Sud 15

Friday, March 27 – Saturday, April 4, 2015 

Ayambil Oli Registration Form 

Jai Jinendra!!

JCNC is pleased to extend this invitation to all of you to join the Ayambil Oli Tap observance starting from March 27th through April 4th, 2015 at the Jain Bhawan. I
t will start at 12.00 pm, so please requesting everyone to come 5 minutes earlier. It ends 1.00pm

It will be wonderful if you can join for all nine days, if not then don't hesitate to join even for a day or two or three or whatever you can do.

Parana will be held on Sunday, April 5 2015. You may also invite your friends to join this Tap and take Dharma Laabh. 

This Ayambil Oli is coordinated by Pravinbhai Turakhia with the help of other volunteers of our center. In order to manage and not to have wastage of food, we appreciate if you can sign up online at Ayambil Oli Registration Form or writing down your name on the sign up sheet at the Jain Bhawan notice board. Please signup latest by 8 PM on the day before you plan to join for Ayambil Oli.

You can also take Dhrama Laabh by signing up for sponsorship opportunities ($151 per day or $1501 Grand Ayambil Oli Sponsor or $501 Grand Parana Sponsor(multiple sponsors welcome) ); or by signing up as a volunteer to serve each day or any available day. For all sign-ups, please use Ayambil Oli Registration Form.

Ayambil is one kind of an auspicious Tap.  It falls under the intense category of Rasatyag Tap. Tap: Penance which contributes to the destruction of Karmas. A pure soul has infinite Tapas.

There are twelve types of tap defined in the Jain scriptures. They are divided into two groups; External Tap which disciplines the human body against passions and desires and the Internal Tap which purifies the soul. 

External Tap:

·Anasan: Complete abstinence of eating any food and drinking liquid for certain time·

 ·Alpaahar or Unodari: Reduction in the quantity of food one normally eats

·Ichhanirodh or Vritti Sankshep: Limiting the number of food items to eat and material things for use

·Rasatyag: Complete abstinence of eating or drinking juicy and tasty foods such as Ghee, butter, milk and milk products, tea, Coffee, sweets, juice etc.

·Kayaklesa: Live and travel on a bare foot in a severe heat and cold whether condition. Remove hair with the hand.

·Samlinata: Sitting in a lonely place in due postures with senses and mind withdrawn inwardly.

Internal Tap:

·Prayaschit: Repentance for the breach of vows for spiritual purification

·Vinay: Politeness (appropriate behavior) towards teachers and elders

·Vaiyavach: Rendering selfless service to the suffering and deserving

·Swadhyay: Studying and listening of religious scriptures

·Dhyan: Religious meditation

·Kayotsarg or Bhutsarg: The ultimate internal austerity, where the activities of body, speech and mind are withdrawn. The body is fixed without movement, the speech is fixed by means of silence, and the mind is fixed by means of sublime meditation. This nirjara destroys all karmas .

For more detailed information about Ayambil Oli Tap, please contact the religious committee at religious@jcnc.org or Pravinbhai Turakhia at 510-593-7000 or email at pravin@comcast.net

Thanks & Regards,
JCNC Religious Committee 2015

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