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Chhah Gau Siddhachalji Yatra - March 24

posted Mar 3, 2013, 10:43 PM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Mar 3, 2013, 11:01 PM ]
Chhah Gau Siddhachalji Yatra (Falgun Sudi 13)  
Grand Exhibitions, Bhav-Yatra & Celebration - Sunday, March 24th

Jai Jinendra,

Please mark your calendar!!! Countdown started to this special religious event - Shree Siddhachalji & 6 Gau (Bhav) Yatra:

JCNC team is planning to celebrate this auspicious special event at larger scale, following are the glimpses of the plan activities:

  1. Replica of Palitana (Huge exhibits) in Auditorium
  2. Shree Siddhachalji & 6 Gau (Bhav) Yatra
  3. Several Food Stall ( Jain Paal) and much more

Program coordinator: 
Jayesh bhai Khona, who is working on this project, will build the replica of the palitana in the JCNC's auditorium, please come forward and help him and take dharma laabh.

Program Outline (stay tune for more information): 

Saturday, Match 23 to Saturday March 30

  • Replica of Palitana (Huge exhibits) in Auditorium – Open for darshan!

Sunday, March 24th Celebration Day!! 

  • 9:30am  to 1:00pm  - Samuhik Shree Siddhachalji & 6 Gau Yatra
  • Event starts with upstairs darshan, magalik at Shri Gautam Swami, followed by sagal sangh yatra from the Samavasaran and will continue to the auditorium where the replica of palitana (holy exhibits) is planned, this will cover all Tuks darshan/vandan. Following are the names of major Tuks (exhibits) Jai Taleti, Shri Shantinathji Tuk, Shri Pundarikswami Tuk,  Shri Adinathji Tuk ( Main temple ), Shri Rayan Paduka, Shri Adinathji Pakshal Tuk, Shri Chandan Talavadi Tuk, Shri Bhadava Mountain Tuk.
  • SadharmicVatsalya Lunch & Food Stall (paal)

Monday, March 25th (Tithi Fagun Sud 13 – actual calendar day of 6 gau yatra)

  • 9:00am to 11:30am – Snatra Puja, Bhaktamar path, Shatrunjay Paat Darshan
  • 6:00pm - Evening Aangi
  • 7:45 – Aarti/Mangal Devo

Dharma laabh and seva opportunities:

  • Please do visit for darshan and take dharma laabh during the event week!
  • We need volunteers to help Jayesh bhai Khona to build this huge exhibits

Sponsorship and minimum suggested Donations:

  • Sanghpati (Grand Sponsors) for the Yatra  $1111
  • Mother & Father( Marudevi & Nabhi Raaja) $251
  • King Bharat $51
  • Kumar Bahubaliji $51
  • Dwaja Ceremony at every Tonk  by kids only  $151
  • Replica of Jambu Dweep (one of the part of Jain universe )  $251
  • 16 Jain Paal (Food Stall) each $251
  • Sponsoring each tuk (total 9) Minimum donation $151
  • Rayan Pagla of Shri Adinathji $251 (multiple)
  • 24 Tirthankar Pagla  $101
  • Sadharmik Vatsalya lunch donation Minimum donation $251
  • For sponsorship & donation, please contact Jayesh Khona or email religious@jcnc.org

Please come forward and help, send your email to religious@jcnc.org

Thanks & Regards,

JCNC Religious Committee



Q: What is Palitana?
A: Palitana is the largest temple city in India. It is one of the most sacred mountain pilgrimage tirths for the Jains. It is known as the eternal tirth or Shatrunjaya (Vanquisher of enemies, bad karma). It was here that lakhs of souls embraced Samadhi-death and reached salvation. Of the 24 tirthankar, 23 enhanced the glory of this pilgrimage by blessing it with their touch.

Lord Rishabhdev delivered his first sermon here and subsequently visited this pilgrimage 99 times. Even today, thousands of devotees visit this tirth 99 times, which is called ‘Navanu Yatra’.  Of the Pandavas Yudhisthir, Bheem and Arjun reached salvation on Shatrunjaya. For reaching the top of the mountain one has to ascend nearly 3800 steps. On it, there are 180 large temples and 872 small shrines and over 7000 images of Jinas. 

The Palitana major temples are grouped in enclosures called Tuks. The Mulnayak is nearly 7 feet high, white colored and brightly shining idol of Adinath Bhagwan in padmasana posture.

Q: What is Chaa Gau (6 Gau) Yatra? 
A: Chhah Gau Yatra is a journey of about 16 kms in pilgrim town Palitana in the Bhavnagar district. It is mainly a kind of penance that helps a devout set off the evil results of past deeds and makes his journey to Nirvana or salvation faster and shorter say Jain saints and scriptures. Over the year the Chhah Gau Yatra is becoming more popular and in 2011 year on a single day Palitana had more than 2.5 lakh Jain pilgrims on the auspicious day, 2 days before Holi festival.
Chhah Gau Yatra starts from Jap Taleti on the foothills of Shatrunjaya and ends on the other side at a place known as Siddhavad. The name Siddhavad is after a Banyan tree here and it is said thousands of jains have achieved the final stage of life-death cycle, Nirvana or salvation and become free from the bondage of Karma.
The Chhah Gau Yatra covers all jain temples in Palitana. Siddhavad is near Adipur, known as the birth place Lord Adinath the first Thirthankar. It is believed that every Jain should visit Palitana at least once in his lifetime to get “Bhavya” status (fit to attain nirvan or salvation). This year, the auspicious day of Chhah Gau Yatra begins on March 6.

Q: Where can I get more information about this holy tirth Palitana?
A: You may try Google :) word such as – Palitana, Shatrunjaya, 6 Gau yatra, Siddhachal and so on. Here are some of the links that may help learn further:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palitana  (Palitana)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxqyxc6RKV4  (6 GaU yAtRa)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1sy3Xn4Blg&feature=endscreen&NR=1 (Palitana Yatra)

Jai Adinathji!!!!    Jai Rishabdev!!!!!   Jai Kesariyaji!!!!