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Community Health Fair and Blood Drive

posted Mar 9, 2017, 6:54 PM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra!!

JCNC is pleased to announce a Community Health Fair and Blood Drive. The Health Fair is on Saturday, April 22, from 10 am-2 pm followed by healthy, vegan lunch will feature free tests, consultation, wellness promotion, and health education at JCNC.

The event will cover various health areas, including Biometrics (DMI, Blood pressure), Cholesterol and Blood Glucose level check, Dental Care, Diabetes, Eye Health, Sleep apnea, Nutrition/Dietician, Pediatric, Weight Management and Women's Health, Life balance, Pain Management, Exercise training for seniors, Heart care, education sessions and more. More details will be provided as we get closer to the event.

RSVP is requested if you plan to attend the health fair. RSVP links are at the end of the message.

Blood Drive

Donating blood is an excellent opportunity to perform Jiv Daya towards other humans. Giving blood is safe, simple and helps save lives. Each pint of blood that is donated may be helping as many as three patients. Patients count on the generosity of volunteer donors, like yourselves to give them a chance at life.

All blood donors will receive a personalized donor card listing their name, blood type, and donor number. Using the donor number you will be able to check where your blood is used.

Please register below to donate. We need at least 35 signups to host this blood drive so please sign up and donate. Thank you in advance for helping to save lives!


We are also requesting our community medical professionals and other members interested in volunteering to come forward to volunteer for this event. Please signup below.


  1. Health Fair participant sign up (one per participant) -  click here

  2. Sign up for blood donation (one per participant) -  click here

  3. Lunch RSVP (one per family) - click here

  4. Healthcare Professionals Volunteer sign up - click here

  5. General Volunteer sign up - click here

           Based on the level of interest, the final event activities may change and final activities will be announced close to the health fair day.

            Feel free to contact JCNC Cultural Team at cultural@jcnc.org for any additional info or questions/suggestions