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Covid Relief Donation Drive

posted Aug 4, 2021, 2:58 PM by JCNC Technology
Jai Jinendra,

Khub Khub Anumodana for your strong support to the JCNC India Covid Fund. Our goal is to
immediately raise $150K with stretch goal of up to $250K which will be used to supply oxygen
concentrators, medicines, therapeutics, test kits, ventilators, protective gears, family supports,

On May 8, @8am PT please join Zoom for India Covid Relief Fund Mangalik Pravachan by
Gurudev Shree Namramuni MS and Acharya Shree Udayvallabhsuri MS. 
Zoom Meeting
ID:935 6131 5524 Passcode: JAINA

Ease of Choices: Suggested minimum donation is $250. JCNC welcomes donation of any
$$$ amount. To help you visualize “what” you can do and the “impact” of your donation we
have put together a grid matrix. For donation of $500 and above please specify your choices:

Ideas/ Possibilities (examples)

Suggested Donations

Visualize the Impact (what can be done!)

Disbursements Partners

Empower JCNC to disburse

Any amount

Helping with medical equipment, medicines, PPE, Covid treatments, food drive, family support to Sadharmik etc.

Jaina, JITO, Veerayatan, Jain Alert Charitable Trust (Pujya Acharya Ratnasundar Surishwarji MS), Arham Yuva Seva Group (Gurdev Shree Namra Muniji MS), Vardhaman Sanskar Dham (Pujya Shri Chandrasekhar Vijayji MS)  

1x Oxygen Concentrator


Potentially it can save 16+ individual's lives in the next 8-10 weeks and beyond!

JITO, Jain Alert Charitable Trust (Pujya Acharya Ratnasundar Surishwarji MS) 

Adopt 1 Jain Family for 6 months


Potentially helping families, who are facing severe financial hardship due to Covid

Jain Alert Charitable Trust (Pujya Acharya Ratnasundar Surishwarji MS), Vardhaman Sanskar Dham (Pujya Shri Chandrasekhar Vijayji MS)  

Support one (1) Sadhu - Sadhviji - ALL PANTHs - Covid isolation and treatment 


Sadhu - Sadhviji Covid Treatment

Jain Alert Charitable Trust (Pujya Acharya Ratnasundar Surishwarji MS) 

Support Covid medical Services  


Covid Medical Services

Arham Yuva Seva Group (Gurdev Shree Namra Muniji MS), Vardhaman Sanskar Dham (Pujya Shri Chandrasekhar Vijayji MS) 

Please select one or more of your wishes from the above table and write in the Memo section of

JCNC is working with the following organizations:
1) Jain Alert Charitable Trust/ Ratnatrayee Trust (Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad
Vijay Ratnasundar Surishwarji MS)
2) Arham Inc USA/Arham Yuva Seva Group (Pujya Rashtrasant Shree Namra Muniji MS)
3) Veerayatan International (Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji)
4) Vardhaman Sanskar Dham (Pujya Shri Chandrasekhar Vijayji MS)
6) JITO USA Charitable Trust
Donation to JCNC is Tax deductible. Double your donations, check with your employer for
company matching.

Ease of Giving - multiple ways to pay – PayPal, Zelle, Check, Donor Advised Fund,
Appreciated Stock, Wire transfer. See below for payment options. Donor names will be
published in Darpan.
We will communicate and share all the developments on this front regularly, please stay tuned!!

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please send your inquiries at pr@jcnc.org
Biren Shah                                  Girish Shah               
President JCNC                         BOD Chair JCNC
M: (408) 206-9049                   M: (408) 373-3564
president@jcnc.org                 bodchair@jcnc.org

***** Payment Options *****
PayPal to JCNC by logging into your PayPal app. Use email paypal@jcnc.org (Organization: Jain Center of
Northern California). In the description box write “Covid India Fund”
Select “Business”, add “Jain Center of Northern California”, email: finance@jcnc.org and click “Add
Write check to JCNC. Write “Covid India Fund” in memo section and mail check to 722 S Main Street,
Milpitas CA 95035
Donate via Donor Advised Fund (DAF) 
Use JCNC EIN 94-2778859
Stock Donation 
Call your brokerage and provide Charity Name: Jain Center of Northern California,
EIN 94-2778859, Charles Schwab Account Number 8668-7880, DTC Number: 0164
Wire Transfer
Organization Name: Jain Center or Northern California
Bank Name Routing Number Account Number
Bank of America 121 000 358 001151833011

“Live and allow others to live; life is dear to all living beings!” Lord Mahavir

Hetan Shah & Ravi Shah
VP & Co-VP Public Relations & Membership
For any questions, please contact us @ pr@jcnc.org
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