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Das Lakshan Maha Parva (दशलक्षण पर्व) - Saturday, Aug 26th to Monday, Sep 4th, 2017

posted Aug 25, 2017, 8:58 AM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Aug 25, 2017, 2:55 PM ]

Shree Parshvanathay Namah!!     Shree Aadinathay Namah!!     Shri Mahaveeray Namah!! 

Das Lakshan Maha Parva (दशलक्षण पर्व)
Saturday, August 26h – Monday, September 4th

http://www.jcnc.org  Phone: (408) 262-6242

'जिओ और जीने दो

Jai Jinendra,

Das Lakshan Maha Parva starts from Saturday, August, 26th to Monday, Sep 4th, 2017.

Daslakshan Parva or the Festival of ten virtues is the Paryushan festival celebrated by Digambar Jains annually for self-purification and uplift. This parva ultimately leads the soul to its true destination of ultimate happiness and freedom i.e nirvana or salvation or moksha.

Following are the ten universal virtues: 1. क्षमा 2. विनम्रता 3. माया का विनाश 4. निर्मलता 5. सत्य 6. संयम 7. तप 8. त्याग 9.परिग्रह का निवारण 10. ब्रह्मचर्य.

At JCNC, we have many religious programs and activities lined up for our community to participate and make the Daslakshan spiritual and most rewarding!! 
  1. Detailed program schedules:Click here for detail Das Lakshan Schedule for 10 days.
  2. During the ten days of Daslakshan, we have the opportunity to listen to Pandit Ji Maheshkumar Jain, who is visiting from India
  3. Key Events:
    • Thursday, August 31, 2017 - Dhoop Dashami
    • Monday, September 4, 2017 - Anant Chaturdashi (10th day)
  4. We humbly request you to:
    •  RSVP here for Swamivatsalya lunch on Saturday, Aug 26th, Sunday, Aug 27th, Saturday, Sep 2nd, Sunday, Sep 3rd, and Monday, Sep 4th
      • Token system will be in place for meals. We request you edit headcount for your family for any changes, latest by 8 PM the day before each meal.
      • Please collect the meals token from the designated booth, the booth will be open by 11:00AM on Saturday and Sunday.
      • Please give the token and get the plate at the food serving counter.
    • Please note, we need your help, we are very much short in parking over the weekends at JCNC, please carpool wherever possible and take seva-laabh
    • Please donate generously to General Fund and Swamivatsalya Fund. Please bring your checkbook. Thanks!
There will be Swadhyya on a small grantha titled "Prashanottar Malika" after the daily puja on these 10 days.

Topics for Das Laxan pravachan for evening pravachan
  1. Day 1  अपनी कषाय कैसे मन्द करें ? क्या लाभ होगा 
  2. Day 2  स्वाध्याय से मान मर्दन कैसे 
  3. Day 3  सरलता से सल्लेखना संभव 
  4. Day 4  तीन लोक का वर्णन 
  5. Day 5  सम्यक दर्शन व सात तत्त्व 
  6. Day 6 अपने जीवन को धर्ममय बनाकर कैसे बच्चों को संस्कारित करें 
  7. Day 7  आहार शुद्धि से लाभ 
  8. Day 8  त्याग किन का व कैसे करें 
  9. Day 9  बारह भावना क्यों 
  10. Day 10 जैन धर्म में आत्मा का स्वरूप 

 Paryushan - Das Lakshan Dos & Don'ts worksheet 2017

 Information   Worksheet

Temple is open all day during Paryushan and Daslakshan

For all other details about Paryushan and Das Lakshan events, please visit JCNC website at http://www.jcnc.org/paryushan/2017-paryushan-and-das-lakshana

For any further inquiries, please email info@jcnc.org

We are humbly asking all tapasvis Sukh-Sata and Khamat-Khamna on behalf of the entire JCNC Sangh.

Best Regards,

JCNC Executive Committee 2017


Live and Let live!           Forgive and Forget!         Ahimsa!