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Future Jain Leadership Program (FJLP), Ahimsa Meals & JCNC Annual Election Nominations Reminder!

posted Sep 7, 2021, 4:10 PM by JCNC Technology

Future Jain Leadership Program (FJLP)

Message for Parents: Hello! Is your child interested in developing their leadership and entrepreneurship skills? Does your child wish to further explore their passion in business? Well, we have just the thing for you. The Future Jain Leadership Program will help in developing Jain leadership by providing youth with entrepreneurial education, leadership opportunities, and mentorship services, helping them create, deliver, and amplify value from new ideas, regardless of their future career path. We have 5 chapters in the United States: Bay Area, Southern California, Chicago, New York/New Jersey, and Washington D.C.

With over 100 members, we continue to expand by getting new members and expanding globally with more chapters. We are back for another year of leadership and entrepreneurship training, competitions, and socials & team bondings! Come join us at one of the FJLP launch events, open to both parents and students for more information. Find registration details for the launch events below:

Sunday, Sept 5, from 5-7 pm PT:

Sunday, Sept 12, from 5-7 pm PT:


Donate Generously to Ahimsa Meals during Oct 1 – 3, 2021

JCNC has joined hands with JAINA Ahimsa Meals and Fasting Committee to serve animal-free meals during Ahimsa weekend, Oct 1-3, 2021.

1 October  World Vegetarian Day
2 October  International Day of Non-Violence as well as Gandhi Jayanti
Compassion is an integral part of Jain religion. On this auspicious occasion, it is our goal serve 2000 meals to needy and hungry during these periods. In view of Covid, meals will be cooked and packed by the commercial Vegan kitchen according to Jain principles.
During this Paryushan and Das Lakshan, please show compassion by generously donating towards Ahimsa Meals Project.
No amount is small. We welcome donation of any amount. In the memo section please write “Ahimsa Meals” and send payment 

Donation to JCNC is Tax deductible. Double your donations, check with your employer for company matching.
Ease of Giving - multiple ways to pay – PayPal, Zelle, Check, Donar Advised Fund, Appreciated Stock, Wire transfer. Payment options:

PayPal to JCNC by logging into your PayPal app. Use email paypal@jcnc.org (Organization: Jain Center of Northern California). In the description box write “Ahimsa Meals”

Select “Business”, add “Jain Center of Northern California”, email: finance@jcnc.org and click “Add Recipient”.

Write check to JCNC. Please mention “Ahimsa Meals” in memo section and mail check to 722 S Main Street, Milpitas CA, 95035

Donate via Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Use JCNC EIN 94-2778859

Stock Donation: Call your brokerage and provide Charity Name: Jain Center of Northern California, EIN 94-2778859, Charles Schwab Account Number 8668-7880, DTC Number: 0164

Wire Transfer
Organization Name: Jain Center or Northern California
Bank NameRouting NumberAccount Number
Bank of America121 000 358001151833011

“Live and allow others to live; life is dear to all living beings!” Lord Mahavir

2021 Program Summary:
In 2021, JAINA created The Ahimsa Meals and Fasting Committee with 3 primary goals in mind:
  1. Serve 100,000 animal-free meals to those in need on Ahimsa Weekend, Oct 1-3, 2021 (and/or on Thanksgiving Day if possible).
  2. Host a global Zoom webinar on Ahimsa Weekend to educate the American public about Thanksgiving history, purpose, animal cruelty, etc. with speeches by speakers from inside and outside of Jain community. We will also encourage people to sign-up to celebrate Thanksgiving in a non-violent way.
  3. Commit at least 1,000 people to fast on Thanksgiving 2021, the 400th in US History.
We are currently seeking support from all JAINA centers, temples, and other allied organizations to contribute toward reaching these goals so that we can spread the message of non-violence and non-violent diet leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Animal-free diets cause extraordinarily less harm to animals, the environment, and human health. Help us share this universal message.
Biren Shah
JCNC President
Chair: Chirstoper Jain Miller
Bhagwan Mallinath Assistant Professor of Jain and Yoga Sitdies
Loyola Marymount University
Girish Shah
JCNC Board Chair
Co-Chair: Dilip Parekh
Editor, Jain Digest, a Publication by JAINA

Reminder: JCNC Annual Election 2021 - Requesting Nominations

Jai Jinendra, The Dalai Lama once said - “The intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others”. JCNC Election committee is requesting volunteers to come forward and serve our beautiful Temple/Jain Bhawan and Jain Community by nominating someone you know or yourself for one of the open Board and Executive Committee positions. A reminder that the Nomination Filing deadline of Wednesday, September 22nd is approaching soon.

Open Board of Director Positions for the 2021 Election:

To learn about eligibility, please check out JCNC Elections Eligibility Criteria FAQ

  • Benefactor Director (3-Year Term) (2 Seats)
  • Ex-President (2-Year Term) (1 Seat)
Open Executive Committee Positions for the 2021 Election:

To learn about eligibility, please check out JCNC Elections Eligibility Criteria FAQ
  • President (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • VP of Facilities Administration (1-Year Term) (1 Seat)
  • Co-VP of Food Department (2-Year Term) (1 Seat)
  • Co-VP of Technology & Systems (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Religious Programs (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Education (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Finance & Treasurer (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Membership and Public Relations (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Facilities (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Private Events (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
  • Co-VP of Cultural (2-Year Term) (1 seat)
Note: Elected Co-VP will automatically become VP in his or her second year of the term; VP = Vice President; Co-VP = Co-Vice President

Please periodically refer to the JCNC Elections Eligibility Criteria FAQ that will be updated by the Election Committee when necessary.

Note: As announced in our previous communication to the community on Aug 6th 2021, JCNC will hold its Annual Elections on Nov. 7th, 2021, during Mahavir day program at the Jain Bhawan.

To further understand the Roles & Responsibilities for different positions, please click Roles & Responsibilities. Please note, these responsibilities are also listed in the JCNC policies and Bylaws, accessible on the JCNC website.

Please submit nominations online or drop off or email (elections@jcnc.org). Please click here for the self nomination form

Regards, JCNC Elections Committee - 2021

Sunday, Sept 12, from 5-7 pm PT:

JCNC Elections Committee - 2021