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JCNC-EC is looking for Bhawan Administrator (Part-time Position)

posted Sep 22, 2019, 10:06 PM by JCNC Technology
Jai Jinendra!!!

JCNC Executive Committee (EC) is looking for a candidate to help as a "JCNC Bhawan Administrator". Please apply if you can meet the following job requirements.

Please e-mail president@jcnc.org your resume or drop it off in a sealed envelope in the finance donation box next to the staircase by Sep 30 (Monday), 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me @408 393 7668

Thank you,
Sudhanshu Jain
JCNC, President
408 393 7668


Job Description: JCNC Bhawan Administrator
Position: JCNC Bhawan Administrator (Part-time Position)

Reports To: President of JCNC                                            

General Requirements:

Must be a member of JCNC. Preferably a Life member or a family member of a Life Member for at least a year.
* Must be vegetarian and generally follow Jain way of life.
* Must be a US citizen or resident or have the legal right to work in the U.S.
* Must be fluent in speaking Gujarati, Hindi, and English. Must be able to write type well in English.
* Must have own transportation.
* Must have a courteous demeanor and not engage in any politics in JCNC. All complaints about a member must only be communicated to the supervisor and not anyone else.
* Must display a high level of integrity and honesty.

Skills Required:

* Should have the knowledge of computer, Office software, and the Internet. Knowledge of financial software is desirable.
* Should have knowledge or willingness to learn all electronic and Hi-Fi equipment operation.
* Should have good organizational skills.
* Management experience with any non-profit or commercial organization is a plus.
* Should have good communication skills both oral and written.
* Desirable to have a general knowledge of Jain principles for effective communication with JCNC members.
* Must be flexible e.g.
   1. Must be willing to work different shifts including weekends. Initial duty hours will be four weekday evenings (6:00 PM – 9:00 PM) and Saturday and Sunday mornings (9:00 AM – 1:00 PM). A total of 20 to 30 work hours per week is expected. JCNC may hire more than one person and split the workload.
   2. The time and days of work to be confirmed at the time of appointment.
   3. Bhawan administrator will be called upon to address many different administrative tasks. Must be willing to accept changes in duties.

General Description of Duties:

1. Maintain scheduled office hours at the Bhawan. May be required to open and close the Bhawan.
2. Support facilitate JCNC communications (between members committee, with outside parties, etc) working with the President (e.g. answer phones, voicemails, emails, etc)
3. Organize and maintain JCNC documents into a filing system (Policies Procedures, Facility maintenance, Financial records, Pathshala, Membership, Committee members volunteers,  Technology, Private Events, Religious programs, etc)
4. Maintain master schedule and room reservation system working with all departments
5. Support and maintain inventory records for facility equipment, supplies, religious material, etc. working with respective VP/CoVP of the department
6. Maintain a schedule record of maintenance for all equipment in the Bhawan working with VP/CoVP of the facility. Work with vendors to perform regularly scheduled maintenance
7. Facilitate Financial management working with VP/CoVP of Finance and volunteers (record of pledges, collections, tax receipts, etc)
8. Support Private Event department by showing the facility to prospective customers, contract management, and schedule working with VP/CoVP of Private Events
9. Support Education department its smooth operation of various education activities at JCNC
10. Perform any other tasks as assigned by the President.

Personal Conduct Responsibilities:

1. All conduct, behavior and activities must be in accordance with Jain principles, rules and guidelines at the temple in particular and outside in general.
2. Display a level of honesty and integrity commensurate with an administrator.
3. Refrain from criticizing any member or speaking ill about them. All complaints must be communicated to the President.
4. Be sincere in your work with care, diligence and with full attention to details.
5. Respect Volunteers and avoid criticism.
6. Support in keeping the Bhawan neat clean by putting away all items taken out for any program to its proper storage place.
7. Follow JCNC personnel policies and procedures.

Compensation Benefits:

1. Compensation will be based on qualifications and performance. Paid only for the actual hours worked.
2. The benefits are offered as per JCNC HR policy.
3. No vacation is accrued for the first year. Will be granted paid flex leave/holiday (pro-rated on the basis of actual hours worked) of 40 hours per year of full-time equivalent, after one year of employment is completed.
4. A 90-day probationary period applies.
5. The employment is “at-will” employment and can be terminated at any time.
JCNC reserves the right to modify these duties and responsibilities as necessary by notifying the employee in writing.