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[JCNC] 2020 JCNC Executive Committee - Request to apply for Open Positions!!!

posted Nov 16, 2019, 7:58 PM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra,

Thank you for participating in the recently concluded JCNC Elections.


Our heartiest congratulations to the 2020-21 JCNC Executive Committee (EC) members.


The Election Committee has unanimously voted to defer open EC positions to the EC of the upcoming term (2020-21) to nominate and select suitable candidates (as applicable) and to the Board of Directors of the upcoming term for approval thereof. All of the eligibility requirements for EC positions per JCNC 3rd Amended Bylaws would be applicable for following open positions.


Open Positions:

  • VP of Religious Programs and Activities [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
  • VP of Facilities Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
  • VP of Private Events [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
  • Co-VP of Cultural [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)


As we go thru the EC transitions, and in order to continue providing highest level of services right after the start of the new EC term, President-elect requests the JCNC Life Members in good standing and seek application from Life Members for consideration to the following open positions:


Please click here for Roles and Responsibilities: JCNC Policies - New

1. Position: VP of Religious Programs and Activities (1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

This is an exciting opportunity to lead JCNC’s religious programs and related activities. VP together with Co-VP will lead end-to-end planning and successful execution of various religious programs. If you are passionate about religion and religious rituals, then step forward and engage in a lifetime experience. Prior experience in religious programs and/or JCNC management is a plus.

2. Position: VP of Private Events [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Here is another exciting opportunity to serve JCNC. Private Events manage the facility contract and relationship with private parties. This role often requires travel to JCNC on a short notice to receive the parties and also for event handling purposes.

3. Position: VP of Facilities Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Facilities Administration department ensures that our beautiful Bhavan is in top condition. VP of Facilities Administration will oversee the maintenance of all aspects of building-related matters.


4. Position: Co-VP of Cultural [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Co-VP of Cultural is responsible for planning and executions of various cultural programs. If you have knack for talents and arts, please show it to the community by becoming part of our Cultural team.


Please submit nomination via e-mail to president@jcnc.org and  pr@jcnc.org by no later than December 06, 2020.


Your e-mail response must have the following information:

1. Position of interest: (Please identify only one position): __________________

2. Past experience (if any) working in the Executive Committee, committee, Board of Director or

as a JCNC member: (5 lines only)






3. Any other relevant experience outside JCNC (5 lines)







Requirements to be considered for a position:

1.      No verbal requests will be considered.

2.      21 years of age or older

3.      JCNC Life member



Sudhanshu Jain                                                             Biren Shah

President 2018-19                                                        President-elect 2020-21

M: (408) 393-7668                                                       M: (408) 206-9049