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[JCNC] Election Results - 2019

posted Oct 29, 2019, 11:01 PM by JCNC Technology

JCNC Elections 2019



The JCNC 2019 Election Committee is pleased to announce that the following candidates were elected for the positions mentioned. This result was also announced during Mahavir Nirvan Day on Oct 26th, 2019.

Out of 1314 eligible member families (~2000 eligible votes), 739 people casted their vote for JCNC Elections 2019 (685 Online Votes and 54 In-Person Votes).  


Approx. 150+ Member families were not eligible to vote this year because they enrolled or renewed their JCNC membership after June 1st. Please be reminded that per JCNC Bylaws, JCNC annual membership is for the calendar year irrespective of when you enroll/renew. “To be eligible to vote and run for the EC or BOD positions, a member must be in valid paid status with membership dues paid before June 1st of the same year. "Life Members are always eligible to vote and run for the positions as per the requisite."

Elected candidates are as follows (Listed in alphabetical order by first name)


Board of Directors (BOD) Positions:


The majority of the receiving votes of the general membership body elected the following BOD positions.


Position: Benefactor Board of Director [3 Year Term] (2 Seats)

Elected: Mr. Jayesh Jain, Mr. Pramod Patel  


Executive Committee (EC) Positions:

The majority of the receiving votes of the general membership body elected the following EC positions.

Position: President [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Biren Shah


Position: Co-VP of Finance & Treasurer [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Ravi Vora


Position: Co-VP of Private Events [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Milan Shah


 The following BOD and EC positions had only one confirmed nominee for each position and hence, they are elected without requiring general membership vote.


Position: Benefactor Board of Director [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Elected: Ms. Jyoti Vora


Position: VP of Finance & Treasurer [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Manhar Shah


Position: VP of Food Department [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMs. Mala Chaudhary


Position: Co-VP of Religious Programs [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Padmesh Parekh


Position: Co-VP of Technology & Systems [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Nitul Haria


Position: Co-VP of Education [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Nishant Sabadra


Position: Co-VP of Membership and Public Relations [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Rajesh Shah


Position: Co-VP of Food Department [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)

ElectedMr. Suhas Mehta


The following EC positions remain open at this time.

VP of Religious Programs [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

VP of Facilities Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

VP Private Events [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)

Co-VP of Cultural [2 Year Term] (1 Seat)
The Election Committee has unanimously voted to defer open EC positions to the EC of the upcoming term to nominate and select suitable candidates (as applicable) and to the Board of Directors of the upcoming term for approval thereof and as applicable. All of the eligibility requirements for EC/BOD positions per JCNC 3rd Amended Bylaws would be applicable for these open positions.


Certified by JCNC 2019 Election Committee


Vipul Kothari (Chair), Kiran Shah, Harendra Shah, Pranay Shah, Utpal Mehta and Bijal Vakil (Legal Adviser)