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posted Nov 29, 2012, 11:36 AM by JCNC Technology

The Election Committee of JCNC for the year 2012 is proud to announce that the following candidates were elected for the positions mentioned.
 This result was also announced during Mahavir Nirvan Day program on November 17th, 2012.

Position: Benefactor Board of Director (3 year Term/3 Seats)
Elected: Mr. Bipin Shah, Mr.Pravin Madhani Mr.Rakesh Shah

Position: Community Board of Director[2 year Term] (2 Seats)
Elected: Mr. Yogesh Bapna, Mr. Kamlesh Mehta

Position: Ex_President[2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Ms. Shobha Vora

Position: VP Facilities Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Harshad Shah

Position: VP Finance Administration [1 Year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Kaishal Dalal

Position : VP Technology Service [1 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Biren Shah

Position : Co-VP Cultural and Community Service [2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Sachin Bhayani

Position : Co-VP Facility Administration [2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Devang Shah

Position : Co-VP Finance Administration[2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Harish Shah

Position : Co-VP Membership and Public Relations[2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Anuj Jain

Position : Co-VP Private Events [2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Prashant Singhai

Position : Co-VP Religious Programs and Activities [2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Nimesh Parekh

PositionCo-VP Technology and Systems Administration [2 year Term] (1 Seat)
Elected: Mr. Pranay Shah

The following positions are open at this time:
VP Religious Programs & Activities, VP Cultural and Community Relations, VP Education Administration, Co-VP Education Administration.
For the positions not filled in by these elections, the Election Committee has unanimously voted to defer to President of the upcoming term to nominate suitable candidates (as applicable) and to the Board of Directors for approval thereof and as applicable.
Certified by the Election Committee of JCNC for the year 2012.
Jyoti Vora (Chair), Ashok Sethi, Bijal Vakil(GeneralCounsel, JCNC), Kiran Shah, Utpal Mehta, Pramod Khincha