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JCNC Elections- Voting Instructions(Various ways to Vote) - Online voting started on October 12th

posted Oct 24, 2018, 11:38 AM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra,



Please find below details on various voting methods that will be available to the registered and eligible members of JCNC for JCNC Elections 2018. Please exercise your vote. It is your membership right to vote for betterment of the JCNC Community. 

Verified Nominations for JCNC Elections 2018, as previously announced, can be found at this link.

Eligibility criteria to vote:

As per JCNC bylaws “To be eligible to vote and run for the EC or BOD positions, a member must be in valid paid status with membership dues paid before June 1st of the same year.”



Online voting for JCNC Elections 2018 shall be open on October 12th to 6:00 PM PST on November 9th, 2018. eBallots for online elections should be mailed out starting October 12th. The subject of the mail shall contain "Member eBallot" or "Member Spouse eBallot".


eBallots are only sent to your JCNC registered email address - one for you as a member and one for your spouse (if spouse name is registered with JCNC). If you, your spouse, your friends or families do not receive an eBallot and would like one,

  1. Please confirm that person is a valid JCNC member with membership dues paid before June 1st, 2018 and eligible to vote per criteria specified above.
  2. Please search for eBallots in your JCNC registered membership email. The subject of the mail shall contain "Member eBallot" or "Member Spouse eBallot".  Please search in your spam/junk mail folder as well.  Your JCNC registered membership email address may be different from your email subscribed to JCNC yahoogroups, where you receive other JCNC communications.
  3. If you have questions about your membership status, or membership email address or spouse information, please email pr@jcnc.org
  4. The eballots will be sent to eligible membership and spouse email of record as of Oct 3rd. The eballots will be sent starting from October 12th.
  5. After reviewing above points, if you still cannot find your eBallots, please update your email address at www.jcnc.org/Membership or email to PR@jcnc.org and please send an email to elections@jcnc.org with subject: "re: Online Ballot Request" by October 31st, 2018 providing complete membership details: Name, Address, Telephone number, Home and Email address. On verification of the membership, a special eBallot request will be sent to you.


In-Person Voting:

As per JCNC Executive Committee update, the Mahavir Nirvana Day Program is scheduled on November 10th, 2018. In-person voting for JCNC officers shall be held on the same day – November 10th at the Jain Bhawan, from 10:30 AM PST to 2:00 PM PST for eligible members who choose to vote in-person and have not voted online or via an Absentee Ballot.


Absentee Ballots:

Members who cannot vote ONLINE or cannot vote in-person on Nov 10th at the Jain Bhawan can submit Absentee Ballot request.

Absentee Ballot request must be made between Oct 12-2018 8:00AM PST to Oct-21-2018 8:00 PM PST by emailing elections@jcnc.org or by calling one of the Election Committee members - Harendra Shah (510 368 2003), Sharad Shah (408 834 5197) or Bijal Vakil (650 213 0303). Please provide all your identifiable information to verify your membership at JCNC (Member Name, address, phone number, email address etc).  Make sure to provide the information that is matching with your membership record.


Elections Committee will verify your eligibility to vote in 2018 JCNC elections. After verification of the eligibility to participate in 2018 JCNC elections, Election Committee will mail you the Ballot with unique serial number for you.


You must sign and date the ballot and put it in the return envelope.  Seal the envelope and sign across the glue line and send it back in self-addressed return envelope sent to you with absentee ballot.


The Absentee ballot should reach to designated return address no later than 5 PM PST on 6th Nov 2018 to be included in counting on 10th Nov 2018 for JCNC 2018 elections.

JCNC Election committee will not be responsible for any lost ballots in the mail.

If there are multiple votes (More than two for family membership or more than 1 for individual membership) from the same membership or multiple votes by the same member, all the votes for that membership will be disqualified.


Please send email to elections@jcnc.org with any questions/ clarifications regarding these elections.