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JCNC Elections 2017 - Verified Nominations

posted Sep 17, 2017, 8:52 PM by JCNC Technology

The Election Committee of JCNC is proud to announce that we have received 19 verified nominations for 11 open positions. The following nominations have been validated and confirmed for the elections this year, to the JCNC Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the upcoming term starting in 2018

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Contested positions shall be elected by the majority of the receiving votes of the general membership body on Oct 21st, 2017.


Position: Benefactor Board of Director [3 year term] (2 seats), Contested.

Nominee(s): Mr Bharat Kamdar, Mr. Navin Dedhia, Mr. Ritesh Patani

Position:(BOD) Ex-President Position [2 Year Term] (1 Seat), Contested

Nominee(s): Mr. Kamlesh Mehta, Mr. Yogesh Bapna


Position: President [2 year term] (1 Seat), Contested

Nominee(s): Mr. Rakesh Jain, Mr. Sudhanshu Jain

Position: Co-VP of Cultural Activities [2 year term] (1 seat)

Nominee(s): Mr. Umesh Sagar

Position: Co-VP of Education  [2 year term] (1 seat), Contested.

Nominee(s): Mr. Mitesh Sheth , Mr. Parag Samdadiya

Position: Co-VP of Facility [2 year term] (1 seat)

Nominee(s): Mr. Ajay Shah

Position: Co-VP Finance [2 year term] (1 seat), Contested

Nominee(s): Mr. Manhar Shah, Ms.Nidhi Jain, Mr. Ravi Vora, Mr. Viral Shah

Position: Co-VP Membership and Public Relations [2 year term] (1 seat),

Nominee(s): Ms. Anshu Jain

Position: Co-VP Private Events [2 year term] (1 seat)

Nominee(s): Mr. Somya Ajmera

Position: Co-VP Religious Programs and Activities [2 year term] (1 seat)

Nominee(s): Mr. Mittal Kothari

Position: Co-VP Technology and Systems [2 year term] (1 seat),

Nominee(s): Mr. Rajiv Jain

Please send email to elections@jcnc.org with any questions/ clarifications regarding these elections.

Best Regards,

JCNC 2017 Elections Committee