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[JCNC] Elections 2019 - Request for Nominations

posted Aug 31, 2019, 1:02 AM by JCNC Technology

JCNC Annual Election 2019




Jai Jinendra,


Election committee is requesting nominations for open positions for Board and Executive Committee. JCNC will hold its Annual Election Day during the Mahavir Nirvana day program at the Jain Bhawan.  

Vacancies for Board and Executive Committee for the upcoming election are listed below, have been posted on JCNC website and displayed on JCNC notice board.

Please submit nominations via online, email or drop off. All nominations must be received by September 14, 2019 8:00 PM PST.

Link for online nomination form and manual form with nomination instructions are included below, in this announcement. You have an option to apply for listed positions via online, mailing, email or physically dropping off the nomination paper(s).  In the meantime, please review these listed positions to get ready to serve our Jain Bhawan. Also, please update your and spouse’s email address, if it needs to be updated, at JCNC website under Membership.


Please fill out JCNC 2019 Elections - Nomination Form if you would like to run or nominate an eligible member of JCNC, for one of the open positions listed below.

You can choose any one method from following choices to submit nomination form for yourself or if you are nominating someone else.

·  If you like to fill out the form online at this link: JCNC 2019 Elections - Nomination Form. It only takes few minutes to fill out.

·  If you like to fill out manual form then download from the link and send by selecting any one method from following choices.

1.    Print form, fill out details and email from your JCNC registered email address to elections@jcnc.org

2.    You can Print, fill out and send Nomination Form by post mail to:  Attn: Election Committee, JCNC, 722 South Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035 and please notify us at elections@jcnc.org

3.    You can Print, fill out and drop Nomination Form off in a SEALED envelope addressed to Elections Committee, in the Finance lock box near the Bhawan Staircase and please notify us at elections@jcnc.org

You can nominate yourself for either one EC or one BOD position only. While nominating others, you can submit maximum of two nominations for EC and two nominations for BOD positions. If you are nominating others, please confirm it with nominee before you submit the nomination and ensure that nominee doesn't have nomination for any other positions.


Election Committee reserves the right to invalidate the nomination in case of incorrect, incomplete or illegible entries.


Open Board of Director positions for the 2019 election (To learn about eligibility, please scroll down and read answer)

·        Benefactor Director (3 Year Term) (2 Seats)

·        Benefactor Director (2 Year Term) (1 Seat)

·        Ex-President (2 Year Term) (1 Seat)


Open EC (Executive Committee) Positions for the 2019 election (To learn about eligibility, please scroll down and read answer)

·        President (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        VP of Religious Programs (1 Year Term) (1 Seat)

·        VP of Finance and Treasurer (1 Year Term) (1 Seat)

·        VP of Facilities Administration (1 Year Term) (1 Seat)

·        VP Private Events (1 Year Term) (1 Seat)

·        VP of Food Department (1 Year Term) (1 Seat)

·        Co-VP of Technology & Systems (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Religious Programs (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Education (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Finance & Treasurer (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Membership and Public Relations (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Facilities (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP Private Events (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Cultural (2 Year Term) (1 seat)

·        Co-VP of Food Department (2 Year Term) (1 seat) 

(Elected Co-VP will automatically become VP in his or her second year of the term; VP = Vice President; Co-VP = Co-Vice President)


Frequently asked Questions: Note: This is a brief summary of the rules. For detailed information, please refer to JCNC 3rd amended by-laws available at http://www.jcnc.org/jcnc- policies.

How do I know roles and responsibilities of each listed positions?

Visit http://www.jcnc.org/ jcnc-policies to learn about different roles and responsibilities of VP, Co-VP and Board members and you may contact them by email or in person to learn about their roles. You can find their email addresses on JCNC website under Board of Directors and Executive Committee.


How do I update my and my spouse's email address and why do I need to update it?

You must review and update your and spouse’s email addresses and other membership data online at JCNC website under Membership or emailing pr@jcnc.org You need to update this address because election committee will send out nomination forms, voting instructions and ballots at this email address. Please let your friends and family know about it, if they have not received this email.


How do I know if I am eligible to run for these positions? What are the requirements?


For all positions, as per rules specified and interpreted from JCNC third amended By-Laws and approved Elections guidelines. For details, please refer JCNC third amended by-laws available athttp://www.jcnc.org/jcnc-policies. Nominees should also refer JCNC policies and guidelines at above link to learn about roles and responsibilities of EC VP, EC Co-VP and Board Members

Most EC positions require regular weekly time commitment with peaks during major JCNC events, including JCNC officer's in person availability at JCNC premises. For BOD positions, weekly time commitment may not be required and it would vary depending on the projects/activities a Director is involved in. If elected, you are anticipated to try your best to serve full term of the position. We recommend interested nominees to talk to current or past EC/Board members about required time commitments, desired skills, roles & responsibilities for specific position(s) that a nominee is interested in.


Executive Committee Positions:

·         JCNC life member in good standing and has paid the life membership fee by June 1st, 2019.

·         Any elected candidate cannot hold more than one official position at JCNC at any given time. 

·         21 years of age or older

Board of Directors ('BOD') Positions:

General Requirements for Community Board representative and Benefactor position:

·         JCNC life member in good standing and you have paid life membership fee by June 1st, 2019.

·         Any elected candidate cannot hold more than one official position at JCNC at any given time. 

·         21 years of age or older and has minimum 2 years of JCNC EC or BOD experience

·         An individual may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms on the BOD. After two consecutive terms, a Director may run for a BOD position only after a gap of a minimum of one year.

Special/ Additional Requirements for Benefactor/ BOD Positions:

·         Must be a Benefactor in good standing, (defined as any JCNC member in good standing who has donation commitments of $5001 or more and has made payments of $5001 by June 1st, 2019).  Eligibility is determined based on the JCNC financial records.

·         Current Benefactor memberships will follow the Term-limit rules as specified and interpreted from the Article 9 of the JCNC By-Laws and approved Election Guidelines.


JCNC By-Laws specify ‘Term Limits’ for EC and BOD positions. Please review the By-Laws to assure that the nominee is not restricted due to the term limit statues.

How can I check my membership or benefactor status?

To verify membership status, contact the JCNC VP of Membership(pr@jcnc.org).

To verify Benefactor status, contact the VP of Finance (finance@jcnc.orgor the President of JCNC.


When the Election Result will be announced?

·        The Election Committee will announce election results on Mahavir Nirvan Day as per the designated time by religious committee around 3:30 p.m. and send out result email within 3 days from Mahavir Nirvan Day.

·        Please note that number of votes received by individual contestant will not be announced, only the elected officers' name and position will be announced based on the majority of votes received.

·         In case for the recount request, only the elected contestants in the applicable category will be verified based on the majority of votes received by contestants and the number of votes received by individual contestant will not be announced.

Please send all elections related questions /suggestions/requests to elections@jcnc.org