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[JCNC] Enrollment for JAB classes

posted Jan 14, 2020, 8:58 PM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Jan 15, 2020, 10:50 AM ]
Jai Jinendra

Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) Tournament is a popular event for our youth in the biennial JAINA convention.  This friendly competition tests the overall knowledge of Jain philosophy, history, conduct, literature, rituals, tirthankars and more.  The competition is open to youth below the age of 21 at the time of the competition. Watch this YouTube video presentation for a snippet of the 2019 JAB Tournament.

We are now enrolling JCNC students to prepare and compete for a spot on the JCNC JAB team at 2021 JAINA convention, which will likely be during the July 4th weekend.

Why consider JAB

  • A tremendous increase in understanding of Jain philosophy

  • The chance to represent JCNC at a National level in the Jaina convention

  • Make lasting friends from JCNC and other Jain centers 

  • Learn to work in a group and navigate team dynamics

  • Sharpen quizzing skills

  • It is tons and tons of fun…


Who can sign up

Students aged 8 and above will find this most beneficial.  If you are currently enrolled in Jain Shala, this will reinforce  your understanding of core jain principles. If you missed the opportunity to attend Jain Shala, you can start from the basics and advance quickly.

How to sign up

Register here Enrollment closes on Jan 31, 2020

What is the class format

The classes are mostly held online on Friday evenings.  These interactive sessions are based on this JAB manual led by our JCNC JAB coaches and past participants, where students learn through presentations, healthy group discussions & debates, independent reviews and quizzes.

What is expected from students

In order to get full benefit of the prep sessions, students are expected to commit at least 2 hours a week for the online meetings and be motivated to self study.  

When do classes start  
Sessions start on Feb 7, 2020

For any questions or more information, please reach out to jayshree.shah.sheth@gmail.com or rekha.m.patel@gmail.com


JCNC Education

Rita Shah and Nishant Sabadra

VP and CO-VP education


Thank you and Pranam

Jayshree and Rekha