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JCNC Paryushan Tapasvi Parna Tuesday September 3rd, 2019

posted Aug 31, 2019, 12:58 AM by JCNC Technology

JCNC Paryushan Tapasvi Parna

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019


Jai Jinendra!!

We wish Sukh Saata to all of our Tapasvis of all ages. May Lord Mahavir’s blessings be with you for a tranquil and peaceful Paryshan Mahaparva.

We recognize and are very proud of all our Tapasvis for their personal attainment and their motivation to everyone in the community. It truly is our privilege to serve you.

We honor all of our Tapasvis, and like the previous years, on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, we will hold organized Parna for the Tapasvis who meet the criteria provided below.

We request Tapsvis to Signup online and arrive on time.

  • Organized Parna and felicitation for Tapasvis who meet below criteria will be in conducted in the Auditorium. Signup here

  • Parna/Special meal for all other Tapasvis and Sakal Sangh in JCNC parking lot. RSVP here

Criteria for organized Parna and Felicitation by JCNC

(Tapasvis Signup Online Here)

  • Children under 6 years of age:

    • 3 days of Ekasana or 5 days of Biyasana or more

  • Children 6-12 years of age:

    • 2 or more days of Upvaas, or

    • 8 or more days of Ekasana or Biyasana or Upvaas in any combination

  • Youth 13-17 years of age:

    • 3 or more consecutive days of Upvaas, or

    • 8 or more consecutive days of Ekasana or Upvaas in any combination

  • Adults 18 and above:

    • 5 or more consecutive days of Upvaas

  • Akshaynidhi Tap Tapasavis:

    • Akshaynidhi tap tapasavis with minimum consecutive 15 Ekasana, one upvaas and one biyasana and corresponding daily puja

  • Samavosaran Tap Tapasavis:

    • Samavosaran tap tapasavis with 16 day tap

  • Vardhaman Tap Ayambil Oli:

    • Vardhaman tap Ayambil Oli with 16 or more day Ayambil Tap

    • Vardhaman tap Ayambil Oli Starting Paya with Ayambil Tap of 1+2+3+4+5 Ayambil+Upvaas

If you have or are completing any special Tap by September 3rd, 2019 like Varshitap or a tap for an extended period, please let us know.

Tapasvi's Parna Sponsorship on 3rd September 2019: 
  • Grand Sponsor of the Tapasvi's Parna on September 3rd - $2501

  • Silver Sponsors of the Tapasvi's Parna on September 3rd - $1001

Tapasvi's Bahuman Sponsorship on 14th September 2019 : 
  • Grand Sponsor of the Tapasvis Bahuman on September 14th - $2501 (Multiple Sponsors welcome)

  • Silver Sponsor of the Tapasvis Bahuman on September 14th - $1001 (Multiple Sponsors welcome)

Parna Program:

On Tuesday, September 3rd, JCNC’s calendar is packed with back to back and parallel programs of multiple traditions so we will very strictly adhere to the program timeline provided below.

We request you to please arrive on time as there is no room for any delays or special considerations.

Friday September, 3rd 2019  Paryushan Parna Program

6:30 am

Dwar Opening

6:45 am onwards

Abhishek, Pakshaal and Puja

7:00 am

Tapasvi Varghoda start from temple area upstairs

7:20 to 7:30 am

Welcome to seating area and Bahuman for all Tapasvis

7:30 to 7:37 am

Manglik, Anumodana and Pachakhan by Shri Parasbhai Shah

7:37 to 7:45 am

Mangal paath, Anumodana and Pachakahn by Samaniji

7:45 to 9:30 am

Parna Meal serving

9:45 am

End of Parna program

For all other details about Paryushan, please visit JCNC website at