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[jcnc] Requesting Nomination For Board Of Director Open Position From Community Members

posted Jul 31, 2020, 12:08 AM by JCNC Technology

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Requesting Nomination For Board Of Director Open Position
From Community Members 


Jai Jinendra, 

JCNC is seeking nomination for the one (1) open position for the Board of Directors from Community Members. Vacancy for Board position will be posted on JCNC website.

Board of Director position 
(To learn about eligibility, please see below.) 

  *BOD Community Representative Director (1 [one] Seat) (Original 2 Year Term) (co-terminus on

  *Selected nominees will complete the remainder of the term of prior occupant and will co-terminus
    with the end of term on December 31, 2020. Please note that serving in this position will be counted
    in determining your future eligibility for the Board positions.   

Please submit nomination via email to  
bodsecretary@jcnc.org  which should include following: 

    *Position: BOD Community Representative Director 

    *Nominee Full Name (First, Middle, Last):  

    *Nominee Phone Number:  

    *Nominee Email as listed in JCNC Membership List:  

    *Nominee Passport size photo (Only JPEG File): 

    *Description: (Please keep the description within 200 words only.

You can nominate yourself for a vacant BOD position. While nominating others, you can submit a maximum of one nomination for BOD position. If you are nominating others, please confirm it with the nominee before you submit the nomination. 

JCNC Board of Director reserves the right to invalidate the nomination in case of incorrect, incomplete, or illegible entries. 

All nominations must be received by August 26, 2020,  8:00 PM PST.

Due to COVID-19 no paper nomination will be accepted. Nomination must be submitted via email.  

Visit http://www.jcnc.org/contact-us/jcnc-policies---new to learn about roles and responsibilities of Board members.  You can find the Board Members contact information on JCNC website under the Board of Directors. 


General Requirements for Community Board representative position: 

  *JCNC life member in good standing and you have paid life membership fee by June 1st, 2020.  

  *Any elected candidate cannot hold more than one official position at JCNC at any given time. 

  *21 years of age or older and has minimum 2 years of JCNC EC or BOD experience 

  *An individual may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms on the BOD. After two consecutive
     terms, a Director may run for a BOD position only after a gap of a minimum of one year.


  *JCNC BOD Secretary will contact nominees after the nomination period is over to confirm nomination. 

  *Confirmed Nominations will be sent to JCNC BOD for appointment. If more than one nomination is 
    received, one nominee will be selected by most votes by the current JCNC BOD members.  The Board of
    Directors will meet at the meeting after August 26 to select the member from the received nominations.

Best Regards, 

Shobha Vora 

BOD Chair