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JCNC SHALA - Two announcements on Shala Calendar & Shala Day Camp/Sleepover (April 28/29)

posted Apr 23, 2018, 9:43 AM by JCNC Technology

Pranaam & Jai Jinendra !


Please see Two announcements below for details on schedule for remainder of Shala Calendar & Shala Day Camp/Sleepover:




April 28 (Sat) & April 29 (Sunday): Shala Day Camp & Sleepover.

Apr 28: Day Camp: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM  - ALL Kids Day Camp (Kids 1st graders and lower will check out at 7.00 PM).

Apr 28 – to Apr 29 10.00 AM: Sleep Over: 7.00 PM Saturday, to 10.00 AM (Sunday). Sleepover is for 1st graders and older. Parent for 1st grader will stay for sleepover.


April 29th (Sunday) is regular Senior Shala starting at 10.10 AM. Senior Shala is ON. Students in Sleepover are requested to bring fresh change of clothes/towel, toiletries and other personal items and will freshen up at temple in the morning. Sleepover students will have a scrumptious breakfast in the morning and then attend Senior shala. For Senior Shala on 29th April no changes to timings.


May 6th Sunday: Is Regular Senior Shala. No changes to Timings.


May 13th Sunday: Is Regular Junior Shala. No Changes to Timings.


May 20th Sunday: Senior Shala with Extended Timings: Jain Shala 10.10 to 12.00 Noon; Snack: 12.00 – 12.30 PM Hindi/Guj Shala 12.30 PM – 2.30 PM.

For May 20th we are extending Senior Shala hours to allow additional time to catch up on teaching as this year we missed some classes.


May 27th Sunday: Is Regular Junior Shala. No Changes to Timings.


Jun 3rd (Sun): Is Regular Senior Shala. No changes to Timings.


June 10th Shala Graduation for both Junior and Senior Shala (also Last day of Shala).





This year Shala Day Camp/Sleep over promises to be exciting, fun and a great learning experience. Thanks to our talented volunteers the following activities have been confirmed and more being planned. Kids will have plenty to choose from for a great experience:


Parents, During Day Camp ….please encourage your kids to participate in Little Einstein’s Show and Tell - bring their science project to Day Camp and plan for a 2 -3 minute presentation on stage. (Details Below).

Email education@jcnc.org if your Little Einstein is going to participate, name and short detail (2 -3 sentences) of project that will be presented.



Theme: Dharma & Science.



When: Saturday April 28th 10.00 AM to Sunday April 29th 10.00 AM.


Day Camp: Saturday April 28th 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Sleepover: Saturday March 28th, 10.00 AM to Sunday March 29th, 10.00 AM.



If you have not done already, Please register at 123Signup, Link Provided Below. During registration, Please select 'Add guest’ to enter your kids name, payment can be done with Credit Card or Check.



Following Activities are Confirmed:


Little Einstein’s Show and Tell:

All our Little Einstein’s are invited to bring a hands on science project/display that they may have done at school, other events, science Olympiads etc. The project needs to be a hands on project, object, device, and they will come on stage and present to the group for 2-3 minutes on how they created their project and what they learnt from it.


·               Bristlebot Robot: Kids will build a miniature robot and learn about mechanics, and building. If needed younger kids will be partnered with older kids to help in the building of the robots.

·               Car Kits: Kids will build different types of cars for example, Pinewood Derby Car, and battery operated Propeller cars, depending on age group and skill level. Kids will learn mechanics and race cars.

·               Chemistry Lab: Hands on experiments with materials such as PH strips, paper chromatography.

·               Towers: In this hands on activity kids will be challenged to build a tall tower using challenging construction materials. Tallest tower wins!!.

·               Art & Crafts: Various hands on art and craft activities where kids will build different items such as Kaledioscope, molding using polymer balls etc. (activities depending on age group).

·               Environmentalism and Aprigraha: An interactive presentation based on Jain principles, philosophy, and our role in environmentalism.

·               Darshan, Pooja, Short Jain Stories.

·               Bhavana

·               Yoga



Saturday March  28th  Breakfast & Kids Check in 9.30 AM to 10.00 AM.

10.00 AM activities start.

Day Camp Kids Check Out: Saturday March 28th, 7.00 PM.

Sleep Over Kids Check Out: Sunday March 29th, 10.00 AM.


Day Camp: is for All Kids. Day camp activities will conclude at 5.00 PM for Kids younger than 1st Grade. Parents will need to pick up kids no later than 7.00 PM.

Kids will enjoy Yummy, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner.


Sleep Over: Sleep over is for Kids Grade 1 and older. One parent for Grade 1 kid will need to stay with kid for sleep over and also help out and volunteer/chaperone. Sleepover kids will stay at temple beyond 5.00 PM and will participate in other activities.

For Shala Sleepover, kids need to bring notebook, pen/pencils pillow, blanket, sleeping bag, towel, personal toiletries items. Please label all items with kids names.


In addition to the Day camp meals, Kids will enjoy breakfast on next day.


Registration fees are same for Day Camp/Sleep Over. $15 for members, $18 for Non-Members.


We are looking for sponsors for Lunch, Dinner, Afternoon Snack and Breakfast. Suggested donation $251.


We will need volunteers for Chaperoning kids, help in different activities, and kitchen. Please select your availability in the category in registration link. or email education@jcnc.org



Events subject to change depending upon resource availability.


Looking forward to an exciting and fun filled event!!