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[JCNC] Sukh-Sata, Khamat-Khamna and Uttam Kshama !!

posted Sep 7, 2017, 11:20 AM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Sep 7, 2017, 11:20 AM ]

Dear JCNC Members, Jai Jinendra!

We are humbly asking all tapasvis Sukh-Sata and Khamat-Khamna. Today is the last day of the 18 days of JCNC Paryushan and Das Lakshan celebration.

On this labor day long weekend with Das Lakshan Parva celebration, we have a big turnaround for all religious activities including morning abhishek, pujans, swamivatsalyal lunch/ekasana, evening aarti, jaap, activities and pravachan. Aap sab ki khub khub anumodana and dharama prabhavana.

This year’s Paryushan celebration is graced by the following invited dignitaries from India:

With all the blessings and the good wishes, we had a very successful, religious, spiritually uplifting and rewarding festivity at JCNC, is what I’m hearing from many community members. One thing also echoed and pleasantly observed by many, is the growth of the community members.

Actually, I have a big list of all the statistics, success and failures of this year’s celebration. I’ll try to share a couple points for pondering:
  • JCNC now host about 2000 families, which represent more than 5000 individuals.
  • During this year’s 18 days Paryushan celebrations, we served about
    • 2800 Samvatsari Pratikraman
    • 120 Big Tapasyas
    • 80 Atthai (or more than 8 upvas in a row)
    • 10 Atthai from Young Jains (ages < 22)
    • 14000 meals (Ekasana/Swamivatslaya)
    • 140 Committed and Collaborative Volunteers
One thing I always come to you is about the general donations, JCNC operation continuously need your generous donations, we (Jain’s) are known for taan-maan-dhaan, please come to JCNC with full hands and remember to bring checkbooks and donate, don’t forget to contribute to general funds as well, as this fund is needed to run JCNC. Please sponsor one of the below levels, names will be announced.
  • Platinum sponsor - $5001,   Gold Sponsor - $3001   Silver Sponsor - $1001 (Multiple sponsors welcome).
  • We are also looking for the Saturday, Sep 9th Tapasvi Bahuman Sponsors, please contact president@jcnc.org
Paryushan and Das Lakshan Maha Parva 2017 Planning Team: Mittal Kothari, Vatsal Shah, Ms. Rupa Ajmera, Ms. Jigna Doshi, Kirit Bavishi, Navin Dedhia, Ashok Sethi, Sudhanshu Jain, Pravin Turakhia, Raj Patel, Pramod Patel, Bhula Patel, Nitin Shah, Parveen Jain, Prem Jain, Alpesh Shah, Ms. Chandni Shah, Ms. Mital Shah, Nikunj Mehta, Manhar Shah, Mitesh Sheth, Ms. Jaishree Sheth, Ms. Ami Shah, Pujari Prashant Shah, Mukul Shah, Nitul Haria, Taresh Parekh, Rekha Sethi, Navin Jain, Vijay Jain, Sheetal Kasliwal, Richa Jain, Parul Sethi, Alok Jain, Ambrish Sethi, Sudhanshu Jain, Pradeep Jain, Rita Shah, Giriraj Jain, Pratiksha Singhai, Umesh Sagar, Harshad Shah, Parthiv Shah, Sharad Shah, Ajay Shah, Pranay Shah, Sunil G. Mehta, Biren Shah, Hetan Shah, Rajesh Shah, Sachin Bhayani, Niraj Gandhi, Balvirbhai and many others.
Overall Coordination:
Mahasukh Vora, Rakesh Jain, Kiran Shah, and Yogesh Bapna

Garba-Raas night, Saturday, Sep 9th. Please click here to book your tickets online

Once again, on behalf of JCNC Board, Executive Committee and all Volunteers I would like to extend my warm greetings and pray to Tirthankara Adinath that all of us be the source of progress and the power of positive energy all around. Have a happy and spiritually uplifted Uttam Brahamcharya and Anant Chaturdashi!!

“Sabka Saath, JCNC Sangh Ka Vikas”

Thank you and Jai Jinendra! Micchami Dukkadam!

- Yogesh Bapna

JCNC President 2016-17


“This is my country that is your country; these are the conceptions of narrow souls - to the liberal minded the whole world is a family.” Have faith in God. - Virchand Gandhi

Upcoming JCNC Events

  • Sep 9, Saturday morning: Samuhik Kshamapana and Tapasvi Bahuman  morning
  • Sep 9, Saturday evening: JCNC Garba-Dandiya evening
  • Sep 10, Sunday: First Day of 2017-18 Junior Shala (Toddler, Pre-K, KG, Grade 1, Grade 2)
  • Sep 17, Sunday: First Day of 2017-18 Senior Shala (Grade 3 to High School)
  • 2017-18 Shala Registration is OPEN online at http://www.jcnc.org/Jcnc-sh ala
  • Sep15, Friday to Sep 17, Sunday: Lecture series by Shri Tarlaben Doshi
  • Sep 18, Monday to Sep 24, Sunday: Lecture series by Samaniji Dr. Suyashnidhiji and Samaniji Shri Sudhannidhiji