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JCNC Swadhyay

posted Apr 1, 2016, 9:49 PM by JCNC Technology
Jai Jinendra & Pranam,

We humbly request your seva for upcoming upstairs temple area deep cleaning scheduled for coming Saturday, April 2. Please the RSVP for planning purposes. Shri Navinbhai Dedhia and Shri Rajeshji Jain will be coordinating this very auspicious seva. Take Dharma Laabh.

JCNC Swadhyay

We are happy to share the information of the on-going various swadhyay's at JCNC. It covers a broad range of topics across all the traditions, please see what interests you to participate & take dharm laabh.









Mon, Tue, Wed


Namaskar Mahamantra Tatvachandrika

Meditation Room A

Vishal Mehta







New topics: Trishashti Shalaka Purush

Baar Bhavana

Classroom A & B

Vishal Mehta

Vibha Vora

Kirti Doshi










Shri Gomatsar Karmakand

Elevator Room

Parag Shah




10:30am -12:30 pm (Morning)

Shree Samaysaar

Museum Room

Ajay Shah




10:15-11:15am (Morning)

Basics of Karma Siddhant

Elevator Room

Charu Jain



Sun (Shala day)

10-11:15am (Morning)

Samyag Darshan

Bhakti Room

Harendra Shah




5:45-7:45pm (Evening)

Aatmasiddhi Bhakti & Swadhyay

Bhakti Room

Pramod Patel




Brief about the Swadhyay


1)    Namaskar Mahamantra Tatvachandrika (Mon, Tue, Wed - (6:45pm to 7:45pm, Meditation Room A):

Background: Namaskar Mahamantra is an eternal mantra. It is an extremely powerful mantra with infinite virtues. It’s chanting can eradicate toughest of karmas, and can bring lasting peace, happiness, and infinite bliss. This book is a collection of letters send by the late Pujya Panyas Shree Abhay Sagar Maharaj Saheb to three Sharavak disciples, helping and encouraging them to establish Navkar mantra sadhna in their lives. Maharaj Saheb provides a detailed roadmap of Navkar mantra chanting sadhna and at every stage explains it’s benefits. Navkar mantra chanting can lead a sadhak from information to knowledge to realization. Maharaj Saheb discusses three most important parameters of chanting sadhna: a) maintaining same time, b) maintaining same location, and c) maintaining chanting count. These parameters help create and build an energy field to achieve greater Aadhyatmik heights in sadhna. Pujya Panyas Shree Abhay Sagar Maharaj Saheb realized the Navkar mantra with the blessing and guidance of late Pujya Panyas Shree Bhadrankar Vijay Ji Maharaj Saheb.

2)    Thursday Swadhyay (Thu - 8:15pm to 10:15pm, Classroom A&B):

Background:  This Thursday evening swadhyaya has been in existence since last 22 years. This is a swadhyaya conducted in Gujarati by participants themselves. Topics are selected, everyone is assigned a Chapter or Gathas  and schedule is prepared for a full year. Participants prepare for swadhyaya from selected references. This swadhyaya is open to all without any prerequisite, is conducted for learning Jinvani in depth from Jain scriptures and available books. Originally inspired by Samans & Samanis later structured with input and the blessings of several visiting scholars.  

3) Gomatsar Karmakand Swadhyay (Sun - 10:15am to 11:40am, Elevator room):

Background:  Book - This class has been there for several years now and completed Tatwartha Sutra, Shravakachaar, Uttar Puran, Paramatma Prakash etc.   Gomatsar scripture is written by Nemichandra Acharya approx 1300 years ago.  This scripture elaborates Karma Bandh, Uday, Satva, Bandhsthan, Udaysthan, Satvasthan across Gunsthan and Marganasthan.  For example, we get to know what Karma Bandh Samyakdrasti Jiv does NOT do, what karma bandh Samyak Charitra Jiv does NOT do etc.  This scripture discusses Karma theory at Marganasthan level such as 4 Gati, 5 Jati, 6 Kaay etc.  This swadhyaya helps us to keep our Bhav/Parinam visuddh and climb up in gunsthan ladder.  

4) Basics of Karma Siddhant Swadhyay (Sat - 10:15am to 11:15am, Elevator Room):


Background: This class started last year in June 2015 and it is based on book Karma Kaise Karein.  In this class we are covering the basic knowledge and understanding of 8 Karma.  Also we see the practical application of this understanding in our day to day life.  It is discussion based class for people interested in their spiritual growth.

Samaysaar Swadhyay (Sat - 10:30am to 12:30pm, Museum Room):

Background: This Swadhyay has been there for several years. Swadhyayis listen to Param Pujya Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami's CD Pravachan on Bhagwaan Sh. Kund Kund Aacharya Rachit - Samaysaar, one of the 5 Paramagams. Now a days, they have been listening to pravachans on 47-Shaktis : Parishishtha Adhikar of Shree Samaysaar. After listening to the pravachan, participants discuss the important teachings of that day's pravachan..


6) Samyag Darshan Swadhyay (Only Shala Sundays - 10 to 11:15am, Bhakti Room):

Background:  Jain Adult Swadhyaya: Instill spiritual development, self-awareness, moral consciousness, social well-being, and Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism and proud Jain heritage. This Swadhyaya has been conducted concurrent with Pathshala schedule since more than 20 years. We are continuing with very exciting topic of "जैन धर्म का मूलाधार - सम्यग्दर्शन" in Hindi. सम्पूर्ण सारों में भी जो ‘‘सारहै वह सम्यग्दर्शन ही है। इसे मोक्षरूपी महावृक्षका मूल कहा गया है। जीव के लिए ज्ञान सार है और ज्ञान से अधिक सम्यक्त्व सार है, क्योंकि सम्यक्त्व से ही चारित्र होता है और चारित्र से निर्वाण की प्राप्ति होती है। ज्ञान और चारित्र के होने पर भी यदि सम्यक्त्व नहीं है तो वे सम्यग्ज्ञान, सम्यक् चारित्र नहीं कहलाते हैं। ज्ञान और चारित्र में सम्यग्पना लाने वाला सम्यक्त्व ही है इसीलिए यहां पर सम्यक्त्व को सारभूत प्रधान कहा है।

Aatmasiddhi Bhakti & Swadhyay (Alternate Sundays, 5:45pm to 7:45pm, Bhakti Room):

Aalochana Bhakti & Swadhyaya is on regular schedule once a month As well as Atmasiddhi Bhakti & Swadhyay alternating every two weeks between the two.

Please do let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks and kind regards

Taresh Parekh & Mahasukh Vora

JCNC Religious Committee


Upcoming Key JCNC Events

·  Upstairs temple area deep cleaning - Saturday, April 2

·  Ayambil Oli - Thursday, April 14, to Friday, April 22

·  Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Actual Day - Wednesday, April 20

·  Siddha Chakra Poojan - Saturday, April 23

·  Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Grand Celebration - Sunday, April 24

·  Parshwa Padmavati Poojan - Saturday, April 30

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