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[jcnc] Updates and Community Support while Shelter in Place

posted Mar 23, 2020, 11:45 PM by JCNC Technology



722 S. Main St, Milpitas CA

JCNC Bhavan and Temple is Closed until Shelter In Place

Live Darshan 24/7 here 


Jai Jinendra,

JCNC is doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our communities, families, and employees. Our commitment to you remains steadfast. 

On Mar 16th we announced the closure of the Bhawan and Temple. Since then both Prashantbhai (Poojari) and Alokbhai (volunteer) are diligently and rigorously performing daily morning rituals. 24/7 live streaming is going well, and we have seen a significant spike in web traffic at jcnc.org. Please continue taking advantage of the virtual Darshan. 

Many people in the JCNC community, particularly seniors and families with young kids may face extra burden in such critical times. To support our JCNC community, EC is pleased to announce the following initiatives:

1) If you are elderly or parents with young kids and require any support (for example, getting groceries, medicine, flat tire, car needs jump etc.), please fill out Google form and a team of volunteers will get in touch with you and provide immediate assistance. We will maintain your complete privacy. 

  • Link to sign up if you need help

2) If you would like to volunteer to support people in need, please fill out the Google form.

  • Link to sign up for Volunteer to help
3) We understand there is a lot of negativity that is being spread and we have a lot of free time on our hands. We have arranged Jain Bhakti, Swadhyay & Shibir for our community from March 23rd to April 5th to help spread positive vibes. 

Swadhay and Sibir will be conducted by Pdt. Shri Jayeshbhai Khona. Navkaar Jaap and Bhakti will be conducted by Shri Nitulbhai Haria.

For detailed schedule and instruction how to join, please check the link below:  


We really appreciate your support in observing social distancing and staying away from the JCNC facilities.


Biren Shah, President

Ravi Shah, VP, Sanket Shah, Co VP of Cultural

Rajesh Shah, Co VP of PR and Membership



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