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JCNC Weekly Update (March 10 - March 16)

posted Aug 4, 2021, 2:38 PM by JCNC Technology

Religious Update

Jai Adinathji!    Jai Rishabhdevji!   Jai Kesariyaji! 

🏻 Pranam and Jai Jinendra 

Our eagerly awaited Chha Gāu Bhāv Yātrā is almost here. The concept this year of the Bhav Yatra is a unique combination of Distributed + Live + Virtual keeping in mind everyone’s safety and the importance of this occasion. We hope you will participate in this program on March 20 in every possible way. It is a one of a kind celebration, which has never been attempted before and is being put together by countless JCNC volunteers. 




7:30 am sharp to 9 am

Virtual Snātra Pujā


9 am

Gahuli virtual exhibition (Sign up)

JCNC Youtube Live

9:10 am to 12 noon

Bhāv Yātrā by Shri Rupesh Vora, including virtual replica darshan and chaityavandan sutras by youth

JCNC Youtube Live

1 pm to 5 pm

Darshan (chaitya paripati) (RSVP)

Union City, Fremont, Milpitas, Cupertino

🏼 Khoob khoob anumodanā to Shri Sanjeev Tanna and Mala Chaudhari for being the sanghpati for this bhāv yātrā and to the lābhārthis of all the toonks ⛰. Each toonk lābhārthi is putting together a unique replica for the bhāv yātrā which will be shown during the live telecast. 

Our morning will start with virtual Snātra Pujā conducted at home and sponsored by Shri Piyush and Smt. Shreya Shah on occasion of their son, Paras Shah’s birthday. 

Our yatra will start with a virtual gahuli exhibition. Gahuli is an auspicious decoration prepared in temples before performing rituals. It is also a part of the Ashtaprakāri pujā, performed as part of the Akshat pujā and done before bhāv pujā (chaityavandan). We invite you to sign up to present your gahuli during the yatra. Gahulis have to be prepared by March 13 to be eligible for inclusion in the yatra.

This virtual bhāv yātrā will be led by Shri Rupesh bhai Vora from Mumbai. Rupesh bhai is a Jain musician  and vidhikar for the last 20 years. He has conducted rich and immersive bhav yatras both in India and overseas and is one of the most innovative in this area, conducting virtual programs with a full musical troupe. He has also conducted Samvedna, on various topics and been part of Anjanshalāka-Pratishthā Mahotsav, 🛕 Dhāja Mahotsav Poojā, Pujan, Bhāvayātrā Prārthanā and Prabhu Bhakti etc as a sangitkār.

Our goal with the yātrā is to bring you to an emotional state as if you are in Palitana. During the live telecast, we will have chaityavandan 🏻 performed by our talented and adorable young children 🧒, who have been learning sutras in our Shala. Each toonk labharthi is putting together a unique replica for the bhāv yātrā and you will be able to do its virtual darshan during the live telecast. 

The Shatrunjaya ⛰ toonk replicas are located in four different cities - Milpitas, Fremont, Cupertino, and Union City. These replicas will be available for darshan on the event day. We invite the whole Sangh to plan a chaitya paripati  to go to the toonk replicas for darshan lābh and to receive bhatu. Please use the RSVP system (see table above) for darshan times and  help simplify and streamline preparation.

This event is open for everyone to join on YouTube in high quality audio and video. Please donate generously to support JCNC in bringing the event to you (Zelle/Bank transfer: finance@jcnc.org, Paypal: paypal@jcnc.org)

Please invite your other family members and friends around the world to participate and to make it a memorable event. 

We invite you to sponsor our monthly events. Upcoming events and their coordinators are: 

  • Bhaktāmar Pāth (March 13: contact Ashok bhai Sethi)

  • Bhāvnā (March 19, contact Anju ben Shah)

  • Navkār Jāp (March 27, contact Yash bhai Doshi - (213) 595-8382) 

  • Snātra Pujā (April 3: contact Parag bhai Shah)

Upcoming major religious event schedule:

  • March 21, Sunday, to March 28, Sunday – Ashtānhika Parva

  • March 27, Saturday – Chaumāsi Chaudas 

  • March 27, Saturday – Moti Chaudas Bhakti

  • April 19, Monday to April 27, Tuesday – Chaitri Ayambil Oli

Education Corner

JCNC Education team in coordination with JCNC Cultural team is very excited to bring to you an Elocution competition for our young generation.

Link to the details for participation and registration for this event is below –


Please use the form in the link above to register as a contestant for the Elocution contest being held on 18th April 2021 as a part of the Mahavir Janma Kalyanak (MJK) celebration program.

Event Details –

  •     Competition is comprised of 2 Groups –
    •         Group I - School Grades 5, 6 & 7
    •         Group II - School Grades 8, 9 & 10
  •     Language of presentation can be English, Hindi or Gujarati. Participant cannot contest in more than one language
  •     Duration of speech 3 minute
Deadline to register for this event – Saturday March 10th, 2021


JCNC Education team is very excited to announce the Mahavir Janma Kalyanak (MJK-2021) virtual program to be held on April 18th 2021 (Sunday).

We humbly request all JCNC Shala kids and community members to enthusiastically participate in this event and help JCNC make its first virtual MJK event a grand success. Please submit the google form in the link below to register your performances for MJK-2021.

Link to MJK-2021 Performance Registration - https://tinyurl.com/y3rtpoqu

Guidelines for performance -

  1.     All themes should adhere to Jain values and principles
  2.     This is a virtual event - video recordings of the performances will be required
  3.     Deadline to submit registration form - Mar. 10, 2021 by 11:59 PM PST
  4.     Deadline to submit video recordings - Mar. 31, 2021 by 11:59 PM PST
  5.     Maximum of 25 entries on a first come, first serve basis will be accepted
  6.     Maximum of 3 adult performances from JCNC Senior Mixer and other adults from JCNC community
  7.     Minimum number of participants per group is 4  
  8.     One participant can participate in maximum of 2 performances
  9.     Performance using songs should be Jain religious or folk/non-movie songs.
  10.     Performance type Time limits (max) - Song/Music/Dance up to 5 mins. Skit/Musical up to 10 mins.

Kavitaben Parekh, is the primary contact for this cultural program. For any questions or clarifications, please contact Kavitaben Parekh at pparekh6@gmail.com.

Being a virtual event we want to bring varied content to the community. We look forward to ideas for group dance / skit / musical performances based on Jain (religious / folk / social) themes as in past years. We will share further information and program timeline in another email.
Looking forward to your wholehearted participation in the MJK-2021 event!

Message from BOD

Please forward this e-mail and encourage your adult children to file self-nomination.

A religious service organization like JCNC, needs to have all segments of the community participating in its activities. One segment of our community that is not

proportionately active in our organization is NextGen (those born and/or raised here). It is this group whose children are the heirs to our legacy. They all need to see the Bhawan as their place of spiritual growth and community.

That is why, JCNC Board has decided to add three (3) representatives from the US Born and/or Raised Young Adults as non-voting members of the Board. We believe it will give us an unique opportunity to hear their vision of the future and how they want to impart our religious culture to their children. This will be a great opportunity for both the NexGen and BOD to learn and build future aspirations together.

We urge you to seriously consider this opportunity and participate in the workings of JCNC Board. If you are between the age of 25 and 55 years old and born or raised (at least from age 13) in the USA, please self-nominate yourself for a JCNC Board as a non-voting member in one of the three categories:

1 (one) BOD Position in age group 25 to 34
1 (one) BOD Position in age group 35 to 44
1 (one) BOD Position in age group 45 to 55

We believe your life experiences in the USA will provide us a key insight in serving our complete community in most progressive ways and help you and your children rooted in our religion and culture. Please note that if you are not a member of JCNC in your own name, you will need to become a member before being accepted to the position.

Please send an email application to Jyoti Vora, BOD Secretary at bodsecretary@jcnc.org with following information:

  1.     Full Name and Address
  2.     Email and Mobile number
  3.     Date and place of Birth, If not born in the USA, age at which you entered the USA.
  4.     Identify age-group
  5.     Membership status – Life Member. Annual Member, Family Member, or future member.
  6.     Statement in max 300 words

Last date for submitting self-nomination is March 31, 2021.

JAINA Update

Dear Sadharmik Brothers and Sisters,

It was 1981 when we came together as Jains and formed JAINA - an organization that binds us all. Please join us as we together celebrate JAINA’s 40th Year Anniversary of being a guiding light to the Jain Community across North America! 

JAINA cordially invites you to the 21st Biennial JAINA Convention to be held virtually from July 1st to 6th, 2021. In the face of all the turbulence that the last year has caused throughout the world, the theme of the 2021 Convention is “Jainism: A Resilient Path to Peace.”

Every two years, the JAINA Convention brings together thousands of attendees, spiritual leaders, renowned speakers, and dignitaries from around the world. For the first time in JAINA history, the JAINA Convention has expanded to international audiences and will be hosted entirely virtually. We welcome attendees from the USA, Canada, India, Europe, Africa, UAE, Australia, and across the globe.

The 21st JAINA Convention will bring together more than 55+ Speakers, 130+ Sessions, 40+ NextGen Events, Virtual Tirth Darshan, Cultural Shows, Spiritual Dramas, Bollywood Entertainment, Jain Academic Bowl, Jain Connect, Jains Got Talent, Young Jain Professionals (YJP), Youth Activities by Young Jains of America (YJA), and much more! A JAINA Convention that will enlighten us with knowledge, entertainment, networking opportunities - all in a state-of-the-art virtual platform.

The JAINA Convention is only possible by the Support of our Community. Your families, businesses, and Jain Centers have an excellent opportunity to show your support to uplift and bring together our Jain Community.

We have many Sponsorship Opportunities where you can showcase your support. The JAINA 2021 Convention Sponsorship Brochure > will highlight these sponsorships as well as the benefits your families or businesses will receive. The Sessions, Seminars and Programs that you Sponsor will not only be available during the convention but will also be forever preserved digitally on demand.

Sponsorship Brochure

Please review the JAINA 2021 Convention Sponsorship Brochure > or visit the JAINA 2021 Convention Website > or email us at conventionfundraising@jaina.org for more information. Please note we have limited sponsorship opportunities available.

We look forward to your participation and support.


JAINA Sponsorship & Fundraising Team

Second International Conference on Science and Philosophy

MARCH 19-22, 2021 


Dear Community Members,             

We are delighted to inform you that the Second International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy (ICSJP) is being organized by Florida International University’s Jain Studies Program under the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs and Jain Education and Research Foundation (JERF), Florida, USA on March 19 – 22, 2021 on Zoom platform. The conference is co-sponsored by Mohini Jain Presidential Chair in Jain Studies, Religious Studies Department, University of California, Davis, Jain Vishwa Bharti, USA, Inc., and Jaswant Modi Vardhman Charitable Foundation.

The theme of the conference “Consciousness in Modern Science and Jain Philosophy” is intended to connect scientists working on the interdisciplinary field of consciousness studies with scholars of the Jain tradition to facilitate dialogue and explore new avenues of research, for the progress of modern society which is free from violence and is just and peaceful.

We welcome you and community members connected with you, to be a part of this prestigious and mega event, by registering and participating in the conference. Registration is complimentary. Please register at the earliest through the link: Webinar Registration - Zoom (fiu.edu).

Should you require more information about the conference, please visit our website https://icsjp.fiu.edu or write to us at connecticsjp@fiu.edu.

Regards and good wishes,  

Prof. Samani Chaitanya Prajna        Dr. Pratap Sanchetee           Dr. Nirmal Baid              Dr. Iqbal Akhtar
Director General, ICSJP                  Executive Director, ICSJP     Co-chair JERF Board       Director, FIU Jain Studies  


Deep Surana
JERF President

Hetan Shah & Ravi Shah

VP & Co-VP Public Relations & Membership

For any questions, please contact us @ pr@jcnc.org


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JCNC Member Enroll/Renewal:  http://www.jcnc.org/Membership



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