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Lecture Series with Jain Scholar Shri Hiteshbhai Shah - Tuesday July 1, 2014 to Monday July 7, 2014

posted Jun 20, 2014, 5:39 PM by JCNC Technology   [ updated Jun 20, 2014, 11:17 PM ]

Lecture Series with Jain Scholar Shri Hiteshbhai Shah

on The secrets of Jin Pooja

Tuesday July 1, 2014 to Monday July 7, 2014


July 1-3 - 8:00PM - 9:30PM

July 5-7 - 10:00AM - 11:30AM

July 5-7 - 8:00PM - 9:30PM


The secrets of Jin pooja

જિન પૂજાના રહસ્યો

Where: JCNC Auditorium

Language: Gujarati


The only purpose of Jain Dharma is to provide aspirant soul (sadhak Atma) a path to Moksha (Salvation).  Rituals are small but an important first step towards the path of Moksha. The rituals are consist of Bhakti and Pooja (worship)

Every idol worshipping religion attaches great significance to the pooja and corresponding rituals. A person feels gratified and experiences a great joy upon catching a glimpse of the idols he/she adores  for it is the measure of his/her faith.

There are some daily rituals (દિનચર્યા)  prescribed for a Jain householder (shrawaks) in scriptures.

Jin Pooja is the foremost of all rituals. There are two types of Jin Pooja.

1. Dravya-with some material offerings

2. Bhava-No material offerings.

Pooja is usually performed in temple before an idol of Arihanta, but it can also be performed with or without an idol at home.

During this lecture series Jin pooja na Rahasyo ( secrets or of Jin Pooja), Hiteshbhai Pandit will explain us, all the essential aspects of Pooja, corresponding rituals and slokas (doohas)  to chant , meaning of  the words of sloka and  the sequence of the rituals with the reasons behind it.

This is very important for us to attend along with the family members and children. Any rituals done without understanding do not bring the complete results. Knowledge and rituals are essentially two wheels of the cart and both are necessary to bring the proper results.

There will be a questions/answers time to satisfy your curiosity.

Vidhikar Hiteshbhai Shah, Vadodara, Gujarat
Hiteshbhai Shah of Vadodara, Gujarat is a vidhikar and Jain Scholar. He has many years of experience in performing Jain rituals including Pooja,Poojans, Pratishtha, Anjan Shalaka, Anniversary Mahostsva, etc.He has been invited in USA and elsewhere to conduct Paryushan Maha Parva Aradhna including Kalpsutra Vanchan, Swaadhyay, Pratikraman,etc. etc.

He is a young but highly acclaimed Vidhikar, who has performed many Vidhis and Poojans in major places in India, USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.), U. K. (London and other Jain Centers), Africa, Singapore and Australia. He is known for his clarity of pronunciation of Sanskrit based rituals and Shlokas as well as showing correct way of doing Poojans and Pooja.

This is to inform everyone that Hitesh bhai Vidhikar will be visiting here and delivering religious lectures from July 2th to July 7th. He will be arriving on the 1th and leaving on the 8th. Those members who would like to invite him for lunch at their place can do so from July 2th to July 7th.

If you wish to invite him at your place, please email religious@jcnc.org with your preference of the day. If we receive multiple people inviting the same day, we will do a draw and inform accordingly. Please email by June 26th, with your name, phone number and the date of your preference.

Nimesh Parikh and Vatsal Shah

VP and co VP of Religious