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Nalin Shah (Sanket Shah's Father) Prathna Sabha / Bhakti Bhavna

posted Aug 4, 2021, 3:02 PM by JCNC Technology

Hardik Shradhanjalee
Shri Nalin Vadilal Shah

||  શાંતિ  શાંતિ  શાંતિ || Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ||


   🙏 Shri Aadinathay Namah 🙏   🙏 Shri Parshwanathay Namah 🙏 🙏 Shri MuniSuvrat Swmi Ne Namah 🙏
Pranam and Jai Jinendra,
Shri Nalin Vadilal Shah, took Arihant Sharnu and became Mokshgami on May 4, 2021 at age of 70 in Ahmedabad. He is survived by his two children and three grandchildren. He was born in Sathamba, Gujarat into a Jain Family. He studied BA, History from M.S.University, Vadodara. He spent his last few years in Jin Shashan Seva by doing countless Swadhyays and Samayiks. He visited us a couple of times in the last 5 years and participated in many JCNC events, puja and swadhyay classes. 
He always will be remembered as an exceptionally simple, loving and caring person by us.
While he was fighting with COVID, we all prayed for his speedy recovery, held Uvasagharam, Bhaktamar and Navkar Mantra Jaap. In his last few days, he got constant healing of Bhaktamar Stotra from well known healers. We believe that all these prayers really helped him to achieve Shanti and Samadhi.  
In light of COVID restrictions, we have arranged a Zoom based online Bhkati Bhavna on Saturday,15th May 2021 at 8:00 PM PST to honor and celebrate the life of Shri Nalin Vadilal Shah.
We humbly request you to join us in this Bhakti to pay respect to our father and pray for his soul to achieve Moksha soon.

 🙏  शाँति:   🙏

Your e-presence is requested by
Varsha Nalin Shah
Sanket & Jigna Shah
Megha & Akshay Gandhi
Aadhya, Princy and Daivik

Date: Saturday, May 15th, 2021

Time: 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM PST
Led By : Prashant Shah & Team


Hetan Shah & Ravi Shah
VP & Co-VP Public Relations & Membership
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