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'Nav Tatva' shibir at JCNC by Pandit Dhirubhai Mehta

posted Jun 18, 2013, 9:16 AM by JCNC Technology

June 23, 2013

Jai Jinendra,

Please mark your calendar. We are very excited to announce 'Nav Tatva' shibir at JCNC by Pandit Dhirubhai Mehta for 9 days from 6/23 to 7/5 in two phases (see the schedule below). 

Scholar Introduction:
Pandit Dhirubhai Mehta has studied from the very famous YashoVijay PathShala in Mahesana, Gujarat. Panditji has been teaching Jain scriptures for over more than 40 years. Panditji has taught shravaks, monk-to-be, and monks on variety of Jain scriptures ranging from basic scriptures such as Nav Tatva to heavy aadhyatimik scriptures and logic (nyaya) scriptures. Panditiji has written a lot of books, and especially has translated several Sanskrit books into Gujarati. Panditji has been visiting United States for more than 25 years now. His simple yet lucid and interesting way of teaching has made him extremely popular all across India and United States.

What is NavTatva?
Nav = nine
Tatva = elements (identified by their virtues)
NavTatva contains 9 fundamental elements that are essential and fundamental to Jainism.
1) jiv (soul), 2) ajiv (matter), 3) aashrav (karma influx), 4) bandh (karma bondage), 5) samvar (stoppage of karma), 6) nirjara (shredding karma), 7) paap (spiritual demerit), 8) punya (spiritual merit), 9) moksha (liberation)
'Nav Tatva' is such a basic conceptual scripture that it is a prerequisite to learning other high level Jain scriptures. 

Registration Link:

JCNC Nav Tatva Shibir Schedule:
Pandit Dhirubhai Mehta will teach us 'Nav Tatva' based on a very popular request of learning 'Nav Tatva' during the Navkar Shibir in May 2013. 

Date                      Day                       Time                           Topic               Location
6/23/2013      Sunday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva    Auditorium
6/24/2013      Monday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva    Bhakti Room
6/25/2013      Tuesday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva    Bhakti Room
6/26/2013      Wednesday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva    Bhakti Room

7/1/2013              Monday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva     Auditorium
7/2/2013              Tuesday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva     Auditorium
7/3/2013              Wednesday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva     Auditorium
7/4/2013              Thursday        8:15pm-9:30pm            Nav Tatva     Bhakti Room
7/5/2013               Friday                 8:15pm-9pm                    Nav Tatva     Auditorium

Shibir Coordinator: Vishal Mehta vjmehta@gmail.com  908-208-5967

Come one come all!! 

Please plan to attend this religious shibir and take dharma laabh.

Thanks & Regards,
JCNC Religious Committee