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Sunday, July 31 - Auspicious Day of 16th JCNC Pratishtha Anniversary (Annual Dwaja Ceremony)

posted Jul 31, 2016, 7:52 AM by JCNC Technology

Jai Jinendra! 

Day 3 - Auspicious Annual Dwaja Ceremony
16th JCNC Pratishtha Anniversary
 Sunday, July 31 (Dwaja Ceremony)

   Shree Adinathji Namo Namah!!  Shree Parshvanathji Namo Namah!!  Shri Mahaveer Swamiji Namo Namah!!

Jai Jinendra!


सादर आमंत्रण  સાદર આમંત્રણ

General Updates

Additional Parking and Shuttle Service:

Click here for information


Live webcast links:
Webcast - JCNC 16th Anniversary Bhakti Room

Webcast - Special Events - Auditorium

Swamivatsalya Lunch:

Serving Time 12:15pm to 2:00pm

it's open for everyone
RSVP online or on-site and Collect the Token from the Event booth

Kitchen Coordinator:

Umesh ji Sagar and Giriraj ji Jain

Please contact them for volunteer work in the kitchen

Grand Sponsorship Nakro (Swamivatsalya):

Lunch is $3501, and Dinner is $2501

Please send email to president@jcnc.org


Auspicious Dwaja Laabharthi

Shri Adinath ji – Jyotiben Jitubhai Shah

Shri Parshwanath ji – Hasmukhbhai Patani

(Ritesh/Rupal Patani)

Shri Mahavir Swami ji – Daksh and Palak Parikh (Amit/Sarika Parikh)


Swamivatsalya Sponsorship Laabharthi

Bipinbhai Rekhaben Shah and family

Congratulations to the JCNC for the 16th Anniversary Celebrations of Jain Bhawan.  Let us all be united and open minded for its continued success for the next generation of Bay area Jains”



Indra Dwaja Pooja
led by Pt. Khemchand ji Jain
7:15am to 9:15am

Shree Sattar Bhedi Pooja
and 16th Dwaja Ceremony

9:15am to 2:00pm
Vidhikar: Shashan Ratna Shri Manoj ji Haran
Sangeetkar: Shri Ashutosh ji Vyas and team
Auspicious Presence: Samani Suyashnidhi ji & Samani Shruthnidhi ji

Today’s Poojan Schedule:
Indra Dwaja Pooja led by Pt. Khemchand ji Jain – 7:15am to 9:15am
Snatra Pooja starts - 8:30am
Shree Sattar Bhedi Pooja starts – 9:15am
Procession (auspicious vargodha) – appx. 11:45am
Dwajarohan – 12:39pm
Auspicious Pooja Continue – 12:45pm to 2pm

Significance of Sattar Bhedi Pooja:
 Sattarbhedi Puja is for individual's aashatna, Aacharya Maharaj recommended performing this to clear our dosh towards sangh and ask for forgiveness. This Pooja is performed on the last day at the conclusion of most of the auspicious ceremony.

Attending poojas itself shed much karma and provide full dharma laabha, please plan to attend.
 Please take the most Dharmalabh from this auspicious Dwaja Ceremony by donating, participating & attending.


Visiting Sangh of 160 Yatris from India
Sunday, July 31,2016
Navkarsi/breakfast for Sangh Yatris  - 9:00am (Dinning)
Mangal Paath led by Samani Suyashnidhi ji & Samani Shruthnidhi ji – 9:30 (Auditorium)
Sangh Swagat/anumodna – 9:40am (Auditorium)

Samani Suyashnidhi ji & Samani Shruthnidhi ji Lectrure (afternoon)

Sunday, July 31th, 2016
2:00pm to 4:00pm (Auditorium)
In English & Hindi

Shrimad Rajchandra Bhakti (afternoon)

Sunday, July 31th, 2016
4:00pm to 6:00pm (Bhakti room)


Please plan to attend the auspicious 16th JCNC Dwaja Ceremony with taan, maan, and dhaan!

16th Anniversary Link on JCNC Home Page

RSVP Online (123signup link)

!! Happy Dwajarohan!! Happy Anniversary!!

Thank you and Micchami Dukkadam
2016 Executive Committee