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This week in religious programs: Reopening, Shruta Panchami, Bhavna program

posted Aug 4, 2021, 3:09 PM by JCNC Technology

Reopening JCNC Religious Operations

Effective Tuesday, June 15

Pranam and Jai Jinendra!

With the reopening of California just over 15 months after the declaration of the COID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce the new JCNC religious operations. We request you to please take a few minutes to read about what is changing and why.

  1. Pakshal, Abhishek, Kesar Puja and Gabhara access

You will now be able to access Gabhara just like normal and participate in Pakshal, Abhishek as well as Kesar Puja. We will be observing regular activities per the normal Pujari schedule and request your cooperation. Please avoid overcrowding and ashaatnaa of any kind. 

  1. Vidhaan and Puja conducted in Rang mandap

Vidhaan and puja such as snatra puja will now be allowed in the rang mandap based on a previously approved program schedule. Please note that all participants must follow the instructions of the person conducting the program. This includes wearing a mask at all times and not leaving dravya behind after the puja or vidhaan. This means you cannot bring or perform dravya / akshat puja and leave the Dravya / akshat for disposal by Pujari.

  1. Arti, Mangal Divo, Bhavna and Jaap conducted in Rang mandap

Bhavna and Jaap will be allowed to be conducted in Rang mandap. Except the performing signers, all performers and participants will be required to wear a mask at all times. Programs may be available for virtual participation through Youtube. Please check the detailed schedule for information about virtual participation.

  1. Swadhyay and Bhakti

Swadhyay and Bhakti may be conducted in the larger assembly area beyond the rang mandap behind the partition. Such events will also require all participants to wear a mask at all times.

  1. Mask wearing and other restrictions

When inside the temple area (upstairs), you are requested to wear a mask. We also request you to avoid overcrowding and respect participation limits. We will arrange overflow areas such as in classrooms and auditorium so that you can comfortably attend in person. 

Per recommendation of the County health officials, following are the rules of entry inside the Bhawan:

  • Do not enter the facility if you have COVID-19 symptoms;

  • Maintain a minimum six-foot distance from others when possible;

  • Face coverings is required during certain activities, but overall guidance is relaxed;

  • Do not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.

Shrut Panchami

Tuesday, June 15 (Jyeshth shukla panchami)

Shrut Panchami  is when one of the most important Jain scripture  "Shatkhandaagam" was completed. It was the first time when any Jain shastra was scripted and printed. It is the day of showing respect for JinVaani by doing shastra daan or by restoring and preserving old Jain scriptures and worn out JinVaani books.

Please join us for JinVaani puja @ 7:00 AM. We will start with abhishek followed by dev shastra guru puja and jinvaani puja.

Puja will be allowed only for the first 25 participants, after which you can come for darshan.

जैन श्रमणोंने जब यह अनुभव किया कि शिष्य वर्ग की स्मरण शक्ति उत्तरोत्तर क्षीण होती जा रही है, जिन वाणी को सुरक्षित नहीं रखा जा सकेगा, इनके न रहने से ज्ञान भी नहीं रहेगा। अत:ज्ञान परम्परा को शताब्दियों तक अबाध रूप से सुरक्षित करने के लिए इनका लिपिबद्ध होना आवश्यक है। तब शास्त्रों का लेखन सम्पन्न किया गया।

गुजरात प्रान्त में स्थित श्री गिरनारपर्वत की चन्द्र गुफामें वयोवृद्ध आचार्यरत्न परम पूज्य 108श्री धरसेनाचार्यमहाराज जप तप ध्यान अध्ययन और स्वाध्याय में निरत थे। वे एक दिन विचार करने लगे कि जैन दर्शन और सिद्धान्त का जो ज्ञान अभी तक अर्जित कर पाया हूं वह मेरी जिह्वा तक सीमित है, भविष्य में जब मेरी समाधि हो जाएगी तो सम्पूर्ण ज्ञान भी विलुप्त हो जाएगा, अत:उन्होंने दक्षिणा पथ की महिमा नगरी के मुनि सम्मेलन को श्रुत रक्षा सम्बंधी पत्र लिखा। उनके पत्र की व्यथा से पूज्य अर्हदबलिवात्सल्य से द्रवीभूत हो गए और उन्होंने अपने संघ के युवा तथा विद्वान मुनिद्वयश्री पुष्पदंतजी एवं श्री भूतबलिजी को गिरनारपहुंच कर ग्रन्थ लेखन की आज्ञा दे दी।

दिगंबर जैन परंपरा के अनुसार इस दिन जैन आचार्य धरसेन के शिष्य आचार्य पुष्पदंत एवं आचार्य भूतबलि ने 'षटखंडागम शास्त्र' की रचना पूर्ण की थी, और यही शास्त्र प्रथम लिपिबद्ध उपलब्ध है तथा इसकी रचना लगभग 2,000 पूर्व की है, मात्र भगवान् महावीर स्वामी के मोक्ष जाने के 683 वर्ष बाद की ! 

इस ग्रन्थ को सर्वोपरि और सिद्धांत मूल ग्रन्थ माना जाता है जिस पर वीरसेन आचार्य जी तथा इनके शिष्य जिनसेन स्वामी जी ने टीका की है

Bhakti Bhavna

Friday, June 18, 2021

We have participated in many devotionally rich and spiritually absorbing bhakti bhāvnā programs this year. We are delighted to announce our next bhāvnā program to be conducted entirely by youth from Banglur. 

A Sangeet Mandal of 400 kids which has been performing in Bangalore, Mysore and Mumbai for the last several years. They are conducting such devotional programs with Jain centers during Paryushan, diksha, pratistha, etc. This group is working under the guidance of Mahendra Guruji  & Adhyapak Jayesh khona. During 2020, the same group had given a virtual Bhavna program to JCNC.

Time: 8:15pm-10:00pm

Virtual Venue: 

Conducted by: Sargam Mandal Banglur

Contact person: Anju ben Shah

Sponsored By: Ariha, Rujul, Jinesh Gandhi (Multiple sponsors welcome)

June Calendar, Sponsorship and attendance information

Date & time




June 15 7:00 AM

Shrut Panchmi Jinvaani Puja

Ashokbhai Sethi


June 18 8:15 to 10:00 PM

Bhavna ($101 multiple sponsors) 

Anjuben Shah

to sponsor

June 26 9:30 to 10:45 AM

Navkaar Jaap ($101 multiple sponsors)

Yash Doshi

to sponsor

Weekends 10:30 AM

Snatra Pooja ($101 single sponsor)

Parag Shah

to sponsor

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