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Vegan Day - November 1st, 2015

posted Oct 18, 2015, 5:24 PM by JCNC Technology


Jai Jinendra

We are pleased to announce that on November 1st we are hosting Vegan day at JCNC milpitas and we are very excited to invite our Sangh to join this event.

As you know, Vegan philosophy has many common principles with Jainism, few of them are Ahimsa, compassion towards animals and our biggest shaswati festival Ayambil Oli. Infact every year as a part of Ayambil Oli celebration we observed 18 days of Vegan diet. For centuries, we Jains have protected and cared for animals by establishing many animal and bird sanctuaries and hospitals in India. On Nov 1st, we will learn about Vegan philosophy and why it can have greater impact especially in USA. Please note that Vegan philosophy is not limited to just leaving dairy products but a lifestyle full of compassion at every level

You and shala kids will have multiple opportunities to learn about positive impact of Vegan philosophy and how you can slowly introduce this into your daily life. Here are the program details:

Date: November 1st, during Shala Day

@ Kitchen Dining Hall, 10:15am to 11:15am: Discussion of Jain-Vegan families experiences, Speaker: Prof Padmini on Vegan lifestyle

@ Auditorium, 11:30am to 11:40a: Skit

Vegan Lunch

We all have compassion for animals and we can make definitive positive impact on their lives in America. Remember, being Vegan is about changing lifestyle to show compassion towards animals, not only to drop Dairy products!

Please join us to celebrate Vegan day on November 1st  by learning more about why it essential to practice Veganism.


Cultural and Vegan Day planning team.