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Volunteering opportunity to help in sewing masks

posted Mar 23, 2020, 11:47 PM by JCNC Technology
Dear Youths & Parent Volunteers,

As you are aware, we have an unprecedented challenge due to prevailing Corona - COVID19 scenario across the country/globe.  I spoke to another bay area organization and they are mobilizing a major effort to help out health workers. There is a huge shortage of masks, sanitizers, gloves etc ..  We thought our team of PVSA youths and parents also could help out in this effort. Here is an opportunity to participate 

Join the threads of resistance : Signup link  (link has tips to prepare masks)

(Please send a mail to serviceawards@jcnc.org once you sign up.  Use new/good materials. In the last question mention as volunteer from JCNC-PVSA team)

- Please take care of your safety while volunteering and only do the tasks that you can safely perform. 
- Youths are advised to avoid lifting heavy items.
- If you are not comfortable doing any task, please feel free to say No or ask for help from other adult volunteers.
- Do only activities that you are comfortable with.  It is completely voluntary and optional
- Your safety is priority
You can gain upto 20 hrs by helping out in this activity.  Please take a picture of your creations.  

Feel free to contact serviceawards@jcnc.org if you have any questions


JCNC Service Awards Team (Sunil)