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Virtual Laabh

During this lockdown period we hope you are healthy and staying safe at home.

As you may be aware that currently, Pujariji (Prashantbhai) and volunteer (Alokbhai Digambar tradition) are performing all daily Puja and Arti in the morning and no visitor is allowed. Every day you can take Darshan Labh. See details below for Daily Arti.

Virtual Arti Information:

URL:  http://www.jcnc.org/livedarshan/gabharadarshan

Aarti Time:

9:15 am. (Weekdays)
9:45 am. (Weekend)

In order to keep our temple operations running we need General Funds and would humbly request you to take Dharm Laabh by sponsoring one of the activities at least once per month.

We hope each and every JCNC member participates in this Dharm Laabh activity at least once per month while this Lockdown is in progress.

Step 1: Please register for this Laabh here and provide your preference.  

Nakro for this laabh is only 101$. Funds will be applied to three khatas (Accounts) as mentioned below for taking this Laabh.

Dev Dravya  Funds: 11$
General funds : 81$
Jeev Daya: 9$
Total Nakro: 101$

Step 2: How to send money to JCNC?



In the description, please enter "JCNC VIRTUAL LABH" so we can differentiate your check with other activities.

Google form to sponsor event is here


If you have any question or suggestions, please send an email to PR@JCNC.ORG

In addition to this program you can take sponsorship of the following two programs.


Tithi Program Info link - http://www.jcnc.org/religious/tithi-program

Life-time Supporter program link -  http://www.jcnc.org/Membership/liftime-supporter