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Second Amended Bylaws

Table of Contents - Second Amended Bylaws

Third Amended Bylaws


Code of Conduct & Policies of Operation

Approved Document Aug. 98

Jain Food & E-mail

Dev Dravya Defined

Dev Dravya Presentation


Approved Guidelines

Collection and Handling of JCNC Funds 

BOD Finance Committee Role (ON HOLD)  



Election Policies


Draft Guidelines

1.0 General

1.1 Task sheet 

2.0 Purposely not used

3.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice President, Facilities & Operations

3.1 JCNC Bhawan Administration Guideline.

4.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice President, Education and Administration

4.1  Pathshala Classes Guidelines

4.2  Sale of Books, Audio, Video and CD Guideline

4.3  JCNC Library Management Guideline

4.4  Guideline for Material Distribution at JCNC sponsored Event

4.5 JCNC Education plan


5.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice President, Finance


5.2  JCNC Honorarium & Travel Reimbursement Guideline

5.3 JCNC Finance Policy and Procedures document


6.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice President, Religious Programs and Activities

6.10 JCNC Sponsored Event Scheduling Guideline

6.11 JCNC Reserving Dates Guideline (spreadsheet)

6.12 JCNC Swetamber Puja, Angi, & Sapna Guideline

6.13 JCNC Swadharmik Vatsalya Guidelines

6.14 Jain Bhawan Pujari/Administrator Guideline

6.15 Specific Religious Program Guidelines

1. Paryshan Parva

2. Saamuhik Puja

3. Bhaktamar Stotra

4. Atmasiddhi Janma Din

5. Prabhushriji and Brahmachariji Samadhi Din

6. Shrimad Raj Chandra Nirvan Din

7. Atmasiddhi Aalochna Process

8. Shrimad Janma Din

9. 36 Maala Diwali

10. Preksha Dhyan

Draft Guidelines (Cont'd)

6.20 JCNC Religious Policies & Guidelines

6.20.1 ParyushanaParva Celebrations

6.20.2 Religious Dignitary Invitation

6.20.3 Religious Area Decoration

6.20.4 Mahavir Janm Kalyanak Celebrations
6.20.5 Chha Gau Yatra
Tirthankar Angi Decoration

7.1 JCNC Technology guidelines

7.2 JCNC Technology policies

7.3 Conversion Guideline from Books articles, Audio & video to Electronic Media


8.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice-President, Private Events Administration

8.10  Reservation for Hall, Kitchen & Other facilities Guideline

8.11  Rental Agreement

8.12A Rental Rates for Private Party Use

8.12B Rental Rates for Non-profit Organizations only

8.12C Kitchen Dinning Hall Facilities for Varshitap Tapasvi

8.13 Jain Bhawan Decoration Guideline


9.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice President, Membership and Community Relations administration

9.1  Newsletter Advertising Guideline

9.2  Newsletter Advertising Agreement

9.3  JCNC E-mail, Newsletter & WEB site Maintenance Guideline


10.0  Role of JCNC EC Vice President, Cultural and Community Relations Administration

10.1 Family Emergency Support Guideline

10.2 Community Services Guideline

10.3 Guidelines for Cultural and Community Activities, March 29, 2002

11.0  Jivdaya

12.0  Promote Vegetarianism

Archived (Superceded Documents)

Table of Contents


1.1  JCNC Organization Structure

1.11 New Role for JCNC Board of Directors

1.12 New Role of JCNC Executive Committee

1.13 Role of JCNC Jain Tradition Council

1.14 Role of Education Committee Coordinator

1.15 Role of Finance Committee Coordinator

1.16 Role of Bhawan Committee Coordinator

1.17 Role of Earth Quake committee Coordinator

1.2 New Roles of JCNC Coordinators


2.0  Role of JCNC Executive Committee, President

2.1  JCNC EC Decision Making Process Guideline


5.1  JCNC Finance Jain Bhawan Bhandar Guideline

5.2  JCNC Honorarium & Travel Reimbursement Guideline

5.3  JCNC Donation to Other Organizations Guideline

5.4  JCNC Annual Budget Development Process Guideline

5.5  JCNC Expense Approval Process Guideline

5.1 JCNC Finance Committee Guideline (OLD)



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