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We are living in unprecedented times. In current situation, we are all feeling the stress that comes with the uncertainty and scale of the issue. Many people in our community, including elder generation and families with young kids may face extra burden in these times. 

To support our community members and anyone in need, we are reaching out to you to provide any support we can. We have many "Bhaavi Aatma" in our community who are stepping up to help anyone that needs support.

Please see below for the information on few initiatives we have taken as JCNC EC. 

1) If you are elderly or parents with young kids who require support (getting grocery/medical/etc), please fill out Google form below. We will do our best to provide support in any way we can. 

  • Link to sign up if you need help

2) If you would like to help provide support in this critical time, please fill out the Google form below (Your personal details will not be published to the wider community).

  • Link to sign up for Volunteer to help

3) We understand there is lot of negativity that is being spread and we have lot more time on our hands. Hence we have below 
Jain Bhakti, Swadhyay & Shibir organized for our community from March 23rd to April 5th

Please see the schedule below. All sessions will be virtual via zoom. https://zoom.us/j/7221081008 Meeting ID: 722 108 1008


  • Old JCNC pictures and videos here