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Shrimad 2018 Paryushan Program Details

Jain Center of Northern California

722 South Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035

પયૅુષણ મહાપવૅની આરાધના

7 September to 15 September, 2018

“Shri Apurva Avsar”-(Morning session)

Parampad Praptini Bhavana: Vachanamrut Patrank 738

“Shrimad Rajchandra Jivan Charitra”- (Afternoon session)

with emphasis on Shri Juthabhai, Shri Ambalalbhai, Shri Laghuraj Swami(Prabhushriji) and Shri Saubhagbhai

Swadhyaykar: Shri Pramod Patel

Swadhyay based on Shri Vachanamrutji, Shri Updeshamrutji, Shri Bodhamrutji and Pragnavbodh


09.45 am-12.15 pm*** Nityakram, Shri Atmasiddhi Shashtra Bhakti, Swadhyay            Aarti, Mangal Divo.

12.30pm- 1.30pm *** Sadharmikvatsalya

02.30 pm- 5.00 pm ***Nityakram, Alochana, Swadhyay, Dev Vandan

5.00pm ..............*** Light Dinner

Swamivatsalya Sponsorship :

Donation of $2501.00 will make you the sole sponsor for any one day and get

Up to 3 Aarti- and Mangal Divo

Donation of $801.00 gives you a privilege to do Aarti/Mangal Divo for any one day.

You may also donate in any amount of your choice beside this.

Out of Bay Area and out of State Mumukshu should contact Shri Ramanbhai Patel

for the Hotel rooms and other info. via phone, fax or drop a note by August 18.

    Ramanbhai Bhulabhai Patel                             e-mail:

Mobile: (650) 222-6118            or Fax: (650) 596-8906.

Please forward this invitation to other Mumukshus who might be interested.

 If you can not make it here, still you can take the advantage of this Swadhyay live by joining

through  and click on View Live Webcast in the left column. If you would

like to donate any other amount, please make your check to JCNC and send it to

Bhulabhai Patel at  2613 Hallmark Dr., Belmont, Ca.94002