Chha Gau Bhav Yatra

Saturday, March 20th, 2021

Pranaam and Jai Jinendra 

Our eagerly awaited Chha Gāu Bhāv Yātrā is here. To keep our sacred tradition of this pilgrimage in COVID times, this year’s Bhav Yatra is a unique combination of Distributed + Live + Virtual. We hope you will participate in this program in every possible way. It is a one of a kind celebration put together by countless shravaks and shravikas across our community.

We invite the whole Sangh to plan a chaitya paripāti 🚗 to go to as many toonk replicas as they can for darshan lābh and to receive bhātu. Please use the RSVP system and help our lābhārthi families prepare for your arrival.

Yatra Program & RSVP

Please share this invitation with your other family members and friends around the world to participate and to make it a memorable event. 

Program and location

March 19-20, 2021

Bhavna by Shri Nitul Haria and Kunal Shah via Zoom Webinar

Sponsors - Smt. Ranjan and Natubhai Shah

8 to 10 pm

Virtual Bhav Yatra led by Shri Rupesh bhai Vora, including virtual gahuli exhibition, toonk darshan, and chaityavandan by Sutra shala via YouTube Live

Sanghpati - Nirvan, Mala Chaudhari and Sanjeev Tanna

9 am to 12 noon

9 toonk Chaitya paripati and bhatu (RSVP)

Union City, Fremont, Milpitas, Cupertino

1 to 6 pm

Yatra Format

Bring together family, friends, and neighbors 

Celebrate safely with the entire community

Our goal with the yātrā is to bring you to a devotional state as if you are in Palitana. Each toonk lābhārthi has put together a beautiful and very memorable replica and you will be able to do its virtual darshan during the live telecast. The Shatrunjaya ⛰ toonk replicas are located in four different cities - Milpitas, Fremont, Cupertino, and Union City. We invite the whole Sangh to plan a chaitya paripāti 🚗 to go to as many toonk replicas as they can for darshan lābh and to receive bhātu. 

This virtual bhāv yātrā will be led by Shri Rupesh bhai Vora from Mumbai. Rupesh bhai is a Jain musician 🎤 and vidhikar for the last 20 years. He has conducted rich and immersive bhav yatras both in India and overseas and is one of the most innovative in this area, conducting virtual programs with a full musical troupe.

During the live telecast, we will have chaityavandan 🙏 performed by the students 🧒 of our Sutra Shala. The telecast will also feature gahulis prepared by dozens of our community members. 

This event is open for everyone to join on YouTube in high quality audio and video. Please donate generously to support JCNC in bringing the event to you. Chha Gāu Yātrā is an important occasion for Sadharmik Vatsalya as well as Jiv Dayā donation. 


(Payment options - Zelle/Bank transfer:, Paypal:

👏🏼 Khoob khoob anumodanā to the lābhārthis of all the toonks ⛰. They have prepared toonks over the last several weeks with the help of their friends and families and neighbors. 

  1. Jai Taleti - Anjuben & Mukul Shah Parivaar

  2. Shāntināth Bhagwān - Rashi, Ruchi, Swati and Nitul Haria Parivaar

  3. Pundarik Swāmi - Kirtidaben and Kiritbhai Bavishi Parivaar

  4. Rāyān Paglā - Riddhee, Akshat, Pratibha and Nikunj Mehta Parivaar

  5. Ādeshwar Dada - Samvi, Saarth, Rinku and Sunil Ranka Parivaar

  6. Chandan Talāvdi - Kavisha, Sheetal and Deven Shah Parivaar

  7. Siddhvad - Devam, Riya, Kavita And Taresh Parekh Parivaar

  8. Bhādwā no Doongar - Riya and Gautam Mehta Parivaar Dhrumin and Dhvani Shah Parivaar, Rahil and Riddhi Shah Parivaar

  9. Gheti Pāg - Ritvi Rajvi, Sharmila and Anil Ranka Parivaar

Organized by JCNC Religious Programs Committee

Padmesh Parekh, Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Nitul Haria, Dhyanesh Bagadia, Deven Shah and Yash Doshi

For any questions, please contact us by email to

Guidelines to keep in mind while visiting toonks:

  • All toonks are kept indoors at lābhārthi homes

  • Address of lābhārthi homes will be provided to those who have RSVPed on Friday morning

  • You are required to wear a mask when doing darshan at lābhārthi homes

  • While you and your family should stay together you must keep at least 6 feet away from other families to keep everyone safe

  • You must leave the lābhārthi’s house as soon as you are done with your aaradhana

    Chha Gau Program Information

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