10th Anniversary

Jainism for Non-violence, Peace and Harmony

August 5th - 8th, 2010

Jai Jinendra,

We are extremely pleased to share with you the preview schedule of the upcoming 10th Anniversary of the Jain Bhawan celebrations. In addition to 5 days of religious and spiritual programs, we have a line-up of influential keynote speakers, and fun filled cultural events. We will also celebrate peace and harmony with our inter faith programs and activities.

Religious Activities:

Religious activities and spiritual lectures throughout the day on 1st and 5th - 8th of August, 2010 with Muni Roopchandji Maharaj, Swasthishri Bhattaraka Charukeerthiji, Samaniji Akshay Pragyaji and Samaniji Vinay Pragyaji. Come participate in Yaag Mandal Pooja, Dhwajarohan and Bhaktamar Puja with Dr. (Pt.) Kumud Jain and Shri Manoj Haran.

Attend lectures by influential speakers like Dr. Dipak Jain, Dr. Will Tuttle, Shri Nipun Mehta, Bob Linden, Sudhanshu Jain, Dr. Nathan Katz, Dr. Gary Francione and Amit Jain.

Walk away with a heightened sense of awareness regarding basic tenets of Jainism - vegetarianism, ahimsa, inner peace and harmony with all living beings, social skills, leadership etc.

Cultural Activities:

Dandiya Raas by the world famous Soli Kapadia, Nisha Kapadia and group will be the highlight of our cultural event on the 6th of August at the Santa Clara Convention Center. We will also have an exhibition at our temple premises highlighting our theme of non-violence, peace and harmony.

Enjoy cultural performances by Japanese Taiko, Filipino Kaisahan, Chinese Yao Yong, Indian Xpressions and other JCNC cultural events in their traditional dance and music forms

Interfaith Activities:

Come celebrate with us the harmony of multiple cultures living in peace in this vast and diverse Bay Area. We will have a religious panel discussion and various displays to disseminate information about other religious and faith organizations. We hope to promote inter-religious dialogue to foster community harmony.