Link to drama skit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gnbfh3ycl35uh95/Kc3bPm3g39#f:MAH05557.

We are extremely pleased to share with you the preview schedule of the upcoming 12th Anniversary of the Jain Bhawan celebrations. In addition to 4 days of religious and spiritual programs, we have a line-up of influential keynote speakers, and fun filled cultural events. We will have meals served during these three days, starting from Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and Sunday lunch prepared by our local kitchen team and volunteers.

Religious Activities:

Religious activities and spiritual poojas are scheduled during these three days event starting from August3 rd - August 6th , 2012. Come participate in Bhavna/Navkaar Jaap, Abhishek, Bhaktamar Vidhan & Indra Dhwaj Pooja , Adhar Abhishek Pooja , Snatra Pooja, Shree Sattar Bhedi Pooja, and Dhwajarohan with Vidhikar Manoj Haran.

Cultural Activities:

Bhavna and Bhakti Raas will be the highlight of our cultural event on the 12th Anniversary Program. Bhakti Raas Garbha at temple will add glory on harmonious religious tunes.


Enlightened lectures by Samniji. Walk away with a heightened sense of awareness about Jainism, ahimsa, inner peace and harmony with all living beings, social skills, leadership etc.