Shri Parshvanathay Namah: Shri Adinathay Namah: Shri Mahaviray Namah:

Dhwaja Ceremony

Celebrating 17th Anniversary of Temple and 42nd Anniversary of JCNC

Friday, Aug 4, 2017 to Monday, Aug 7, 2017

Jai Jinendra!

The 17th annual Dhwaja Arohan ceremony will be performed by JCNC Sangh in guidance of Vidhikar Shri Narendra Bhai Nandu and Pt. Khemchandji Jain. The four days program will start with pujan on Friday, August 4th and will conclude on Monday, Aug 7th morning with Dwar opening.

During these four days program, many auspicious pujans, vidhaan, and rituals will be performed. This will cover Snatra Puja, Chovis (24) Tirthankar Pujan, Sargam Bhavna with Garba, Manokamana Vidhaan, Adhar Abhishek, Grand Musical Bhavna, Indra Dhwaja Puja, Sattarbhedi Pooja, Dhwaja Arohan Pujan, Vargodha (Procession), Chhatra Pujan, Shrimad Rajchandra Bhakti, Grand Aangi, Aarti, Mangal Divo, Swamivatsalya and more.

Please RSVP NOW! for Swamivatsalya and help us plan and prepare for food!. The lunch/dinner RSVP also includes a few of the signups and volunteer signup.

You can view several other sign-ups and gheeboli details for various pujans and rituals at this link. Please comment with your name and email/phone to signup for any of the items in this list. You can also signup at temple. Please do participate and plan to attend this auspicious ceremony and take dharma laabh!

Chhatra (छत्र) Ceremony

The chhatra is an auspicious Jain symbol, there are three chhatra above the Jin idol's head and this is a symbol that he is the Lord of all three worlds(Loka). In addition, the chhatra also demonstrates that the Lord has forever destroyed the wheel of birth and rebirth and is now experiencing eternal bliss.

We are very pleased to announce that Chhatra ceremony will also be performed during this auspicious 17th JCNC anniversary event in the guidance of Shri Narendra bhai Nandu. These auspicious Chhatras are made up with pure silver in India and brought up here for this occasion. We’ll have gheeboli chadhava for Chhatras for Shri Adinathji Idol, Shri Parshwanathji Idol, and Shri Mahavirswami idol. The chhatras for remaining four ghabara pratimaji will be available for signups with the nakro of $1701 each for multiple families, the names of these tirthankar idols are Shri Chandraprabhuswami, Shri Shantinathswami, Shri Vasupujyaswami, Shri Munisuvratswami.

This is unique and a lifetime opportunity, please participate in chadhava and take dharma-laabh.

Program Details:

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Snatra Pooja $101 (Multiple Sponsors)

Shri Chovis (24) Tirthankar Pujan led by Shri Narendrabhai Nandu $71 (24 Signups) (Click here for Signup details)

1:00 PM to 5:30 PM (Upstairs)

Sadharmik Vatsalya (Dinner) RSVP NOW!

Sargam Bhavna with Garba led by Shri Narendrabhai Nandu & team

THREE CHHATRAs and DHWAJAs Ghee Boli will start today

FOUR CHHATRAs are available for Signups (Click here for Signup details)

After Sargam Bhavna, Aarti & Mangal Divo (Ghee Boli)

5:30 PM to 7:15 PM

7:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Dwar Opening

7:00 AM to 8:45 AM

Profile of Vidhikar Shri Narendra bhai Nandu

'Navkaar Mahamantra' Aaradhak Shri Narendrabhai Nandu; affectionately known as “BHA” is an efficacious and successful Jain Vidhikar, Fundraiser, Pravachankar from past 34 years.

He has the benediction of Jain Gurus like Gurudev Chandrashekar Vijayji, Acharya Gunodaysagarsurishwarji Maharajsaheb to name a few.

He is been continuously doing thirteen months aradhana termed 'VARSHITAP' since last 21 years and prior been doing 'Ekasanas' for consecutive 12 long years. He has completed Sava karod (12,500,000) Navkar Jaap in a few years.

He is been performing all kinds of Jain Poojans, Anjanshalakas, Pratishtha Mahotsav, Diksha Mahotsav, Bhavyatras ever since last 28 years.

Having conducted more than 50 Anjanshalaka and 200 Pratishthas all over the world with the main ones being in Detroit, Los Angeles , San Francisco, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta , Tampa ,Orlando, Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland (USA) , London Oshwal Center, Antwerp (Belgium) & Kampala ( Uganda); he has earned the privilege of conducting the FIRST ever “Shree Siddha chakra Mahapujan” in Jaina Convention held at Philadelphia in 1999 as well as done Pratishtha of all 24 Tirthankars at “Astapad Tirth” in New York which is made from different gemstones.

He gives discourses in Paryushan in various parts of countries like India and USA and provides all the necessary navigation to Jain Sanghs, youths and others to keep the Jain flag raised high.

He is the President of Shri Jogeshwari Achalgach Jain Sangh and is a Trustee in many other organizations all over India.

Additional Event Parking Locations

  • Open lot - 612 S. Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035 (Look for JCNC parking signs)

  • Open lot - 526 S. Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035 (Look for JCNC parking signs)

  • Other side of Railway Track (street/public parking)

  • Opposite Fire Station (street/public parking)

Please do not park in the parking lot of any neighboring businesses.

Please plan to carpool, as much as possible and cooperate. This will help in a big way!

17th Anniversary and Dwaja Planning Team: Nitual Haria, Mittal Kothari, Vatsal Shah, Rupa Ajmera, Jigna Doshi, Aswin Jain, Vipul Kothari, Kirit Bavishi, Ashok Sethi, Sudhanshu Jain, Giriraj Jain, Sunil Ranka, Hasmukh Patel, Pravin Turakhia, Kiran Shah, Umesh Sagar, Harshad Shah, Parthiv Shah, Sharad Shah, Ajay Shah,Pranay Shah, Sunil G. Mehta, Biren Shah, Hetan Shah, Rajesh Shah, Niraj Gandhi, Raj Patel, Pramod Patel, Nitin Shah, Parveen Jain, Alpesh Shah, Taresh Parekh and many others.

Overall Coordination: Mahasukh Vora, Rakesh Jain and Yogesh Bapna

For questions, please contact either via e-mail to religious@jcnc.org, president@jcnc.org or pr@jcnc.org or

call (408) 262-6242 Extn. (104 - Religious, 103 - President, 106 - PR).

For updated program details and more information please visit www.jcnc.org

Thanks & Regards,

JCNC Executive Committee

Program details may be changed at the discretion of JCNC event planning team and/or JCNC Executive Committee