Please support our JCNC Temple

The Jain Center of Northern California depends heavily on donations of time and money. Please donate generously.

For Donations, choose one of these options in order of JCNC's preference:

  • Zelle® Online Transfer (Most Preferred method): Yon can use either a computer or a smart phone app for Zellle transfer. Most every financial institute supports Zelle transfers. Zelle transfers to JCNC's Bank of America account instantaneously. JCNC has five accounts:,,, and, For your convenience, use one of these JCNC User IDs for a specific type of donation:

Use the following QR code for General Donation, Ayambil Oli, Swami Vatsalya, Ahimsa meal, Paal etc. food related donations.
Use the following QR code for donation to Jiv Daya cause.
Use the following QR code for religious type of donation, like Aarti, Snatra Puja, Aangi etc. Also any cultural related programs like JCL, Picnic, Hiking, etc.
Use the following QR code to register for Pathshala or other educational programs like JAB, field trip etc.
Use the following QR code to become JCNC member and to pay appropriate membership fees.
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include your full name along with the spouse's name, email address, and/or phone number. There are many members with the same first and last name. For example, there are seven Rakesh Shah and seven Rakes Jain in JCNC database.

  • Company Matching: Many bay area companies (i.e. Apple, Salesforce, Google) have a matching donation program, where the company will match an additional up to 100% of your donation. JCNC may receive the funds in a few days or in a few weeks but JCNC will benefit by receiving more donations. This has become a very popular method by many JCNC members.

  • CAUTION: Company matching donations will be credited to "General" donations. If you wish to donate to Dev Dravya only, DO NOT USE the company matching donation option.

  • Check donations: Please complete this form: Donation Form (Microsoft Word, 45k) and mail it directly to: "JCNC, 722 South Main St, Milpitas, CA 95035" OR just drop a check off at the JCNC office or put it in the small box installed near the staircase.

  • Stock donations : There are significant tax advantages as a donor by donating appreciated stock. JCNC has provided a sample letter here (Stock Donation letter). Please fill it out and send it to your stock broker. It is important to send an email to when you instruct your stock broker for a transfer of equity to JCNC. JCNC will provide appropriate IRS forms when needed. Please contact for more information.

    • Donate via PayPal : (least preferred method) PayPal is another popular method, PayPal charges a small fee to handle the donation. Popular when you use a credit card to donate. You do not need a PayPal account in order to donate through PayPal.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and our Federal Tax Id is 94 277 8859