JAB (Jain Academic Bowl)

What is JAB:

JAB Academic Bowl (JAB) is one of the flagship programs of JAINA organization and is conducted every JAINA Convention. (JAINA JAB Link)

The Jain Academic Bowl is a fun-styled, knowledge-based team competition in a “jeopardy” format for young Jains which has been held biennially at the JAINA conventions for over two decades. Pathshala students, teachers, and coaches enjoy preparing and participating for this three-day long tournament, where the participants get to demonstrate their knowledge on Jain Philosophy, Jain Conduct, the Jain Way of Life, Jain History, Jain literature, Tirthankaras and much more. It also tests the ability of participants to answer speedily as this competition involves “buzzing in” to answer the questions. Participants between the ages of 8 and 21 can participate in the competition. Participants are divided into a Junior category of 14 years old and younger and Senior category of 21 years and younger.

Why consider JAB:

  • A tremendous increase in understanding of Jain philosophy

  • The chance to represent JCNC at a National level in the JAINA convention

  • Make lasting friends from JCNC and other Jain centers

  • Learn to work in a group and navigate team dynamics

  • Sharpen quizzing skills

  • It is tons and tons of fun…

JCNC's Participation in Past JABs:

  • In 2017, seven JCNC participants went to NJ and competed for the first time. They didn't win the competition but learnt a lot of Jainism concepts on the way and made lasting friendships.

  • In 2019, JAINA convention was in LA and we had 3 teams from JCNC with 15 participants - 2 Junior Teams under 14 years of age and 1 Senior Team under 21 years of age.

  • In 2021, due to a pandemic, all games of JAB were virtual. JCNC again sent 3 teams - 2 Beginner Teams under 14 years of age who had never participated in JAN and 1 Senior Team. The Senior Team came in 5th place and competed against Kenya's Senior Team of Senior Participants over the age of 65 in Global Senior Competition. The JCNC Senior Team tied with Kenya's Team.

More details on JAB can be found here

Please contact education@jcnc.org if you are interested in joining JAB coaching classes.