We are happy to announce JCNC is organizing an exciting hike again this year at Mission Peak, Fremont on Saturday May 21st 2022.

This has become a JCNC tradition and is a great opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, and experience the hike with fellow JCNC community members. Children age 6 and above are welcomed to accompany parents.

Check-In Time: 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM on Saturday May 21st, 2022

What To Bring, What to Wear:

    • A small backpack with adequate supply of water/juice as per your need.

    • Sturdy and comfortable hiking or tennis shoes (no sandals, flip-flops)

    • Sunblock to protect your skin

    • Clothing with layers and/or light jacket or sweat shirt

    • Cap, hat, sun-glasses

Check-in at JCNC registration booth at the entrance.

Mission Peak, has multiple trails. But as a group, we aim to reach the summit & return back. As per "All Trails", this trail route is classified as "hard" with 2135 ft of elevation gain over 3 mile hike.

JCNC and JCNC EC members or volunteers are not responsible for any loss of item or any injury while hiking. By participating in this event you waive JCNC of any and all liability.

Address: Mission Peak Park, East end of Stanford Avenue, off Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA

Parking: Parking on Stanford Avenue and other surrounding streets is very limited. We highly recommend car-pooling.

Brunch: On our way back we will be having brunch at Mrs. SandhyaJi and Mr. PremJi Jain's home, which is very close to Mission Peak – Stanford Avenue entrance.

Do not miss this opportunity to have brunch with fellow community members in the backyard of Jain family home.

Brunch will be served from 10.00am to 12:30 pm.

We want to thank the PremJi Jain Family wholeheartedly for sponsoring this for our JCNC community.

Address: 45269 Rutherford Terrace, Fremont, CA 94530.

Feel free to contact JCNC Cultural Team at cultural@jcnc.org for any additional info or questions/suggestions