Samuh Tap Aaradhana

July 17 to Aug 4, 2022

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Datta ben and Girish bhai Shah

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Kashay Jay Tap

Kashay Jap tap is conducted to overcome the 4 kashays and the karma they bind to the soul which prevents its liberation. As reducing Kashay is the main goal for Jains, this tap is considered to be very important to both monks and lay people.

JCNC is excited to bring this pilot program during chaturmas. Conducted over 16 days, this tapasya is performed in 4 groups of 4 taps. For each Kashay, the first day we focus on the highest intensity - anantanubandhi (infinite lives) - and do Ekasana. On day two, we focus on moderate intensity - apratyakhyan (one life) - and do Nivi. On day three, we focus on mild intensity - pratyakhyan (one year) - and do Ayambil. On day four, we focus on light intensity (four months), and do Upvaas.

Krodha Kashay Sponsor

Anonymous Laabh

Krodha Kashay Sponsor

Aagam Group

Maan Kashay Sponsor

Sadharmik Parivar

Lobh Kashay Sponsor

Sushilaben Vaghjibhai Vora (Neev & Keev Vora)

Lectures on Kashay Jay

Guru ji will be conducting lectures 4 times during the Tapasya as shown here:

  1. Krodha - Mon, July 18 @ 8:30 pm

  2. Maan - Fri, July 22 @ 8:30 pm

  3. Maya - Tue, July 26 @ 8:30 pm

  4. Lobh - Sat, July 30 @ 9 am

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Rasilaben and Ramnikbhai Gohil

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Ritu and Yogesh Bapna

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Vidhi in Hindi

The daily vidhi is performed by Tapasvis and includes mantra/navkarvali jaap, khamasana, saathiya and kausagg.


Vidhi in Gujarati

આ પ્રમાણે રોજની વિધી રહેશે જે દરરોજ દહેરાસરમાં સ્નાત્ર પૂજા પૂરી થયા બાદ સમૂહમાં કરવામાં આવશે

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Aeva and Siya Shah

Amit Jain

Bhavin and Hridhaan Shah

Rinku and Sunil Ranka

Pratibha and Nikunj Mehta

Shlok and Vihaan Mehta

Pushpa Mehta

Weekday Sponsor

Tapan Shah

Late Shree Girishbhai Shah

Smt. Ratanben Sundarji Gangji Haria

Rasilaben Ramnik Gohel

Cherisha Koradia

Neera Kochar

Dedhia and Gogri Family

Riddhi Mehta

Vipul Kothari's mother

Tap General Supporter: Any amount is welcome and will be announced on the date of the sign up

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Contact Us and Support this event

Major Tap lead Coordinator: Nikunj Mehta

Team Members: Aswin Jain, Jayashree Shah, Deven Shah, Ami Shah

JCNC is making all arrangements for the days of tapasya and Udhyapan as well as for the Attarparna and Samuhik parna. We request your support to conduct this tapasya.

We are looking for volunteer to help cook, serve, prepare communications, and conduct pratikraman. Please join our WhatsApp group and inform us how you can help.