Chha Gau Yatra

Jai Adinathji! Jai Rishabdevji! Jai Kesariyaji!

Chha Gau Siddhachalji Yatra (Fagun Sud 13)

Great Exhibitions, Bhaav-Yatra & Celebration at JCNC

Sunday, March 13th, 2022, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Please mark your calendar!!

JCNC is planning to celebrate this auspicious special event on an even larger scale than before. Following are the glimpses of the planned activities:

  • Replica of Shatrunjay (Great exhibits) in Auditorium with the Stage Surprise Element.

  • Shree Siddhachalji ki Chha Gau (Bhaav) Yatra

  • Darshan of 24 Tirthankar Paglas

  • Several Food Stalls (Jain Paals) and much more

  • Vaiyavach was performed by Bal Sanghpatis and the Samkit group of JCNC.

  • Everyone had witnessed the stage set up in the year 2018 and 2019: How the soul can Attain Moksha in 3 Bhaav. 1st time ever it was created live to witness.

  • Guess what would be this year to witness? Bhav Yatra is conducted at JCNC premises after 3 years!!!

This auspicious event is being conducted & designed by Pandit / Vidhikar Shri Jayesh bhai Khona with the help of Shri Vijaybhai Shah from Bangalore & Samkit Group of JCNC.

Bhakti and Bhavna led by Nitulbhai Haria and Samkit Group of JCNC.

Click for the Invitation Patrika :- JCNC Chha-Gau-Yatra 2022 Patrika

Program Outline:

  • The event will start upstairs with Maha Abhishek of Shri Dada Adinath with Sankha Naad & Musical way at 7:15 AM

  • Mangalik at Shri Gautam Swami, followed by Navkarsi * Breakfast in the dining area with sakal sangh.

  • Then 9:15 am, Yatra begins from the Samovasaran and will continue to the auditorium where the replica of Shri Shatrunjay Maha Tirth (holy exhibits) is planned, this will cover all Tonks darshan/vandan/chaityavandan by kids.

  • Dhwaja ceremony at all tonks will happen at the same time starting 12:00 pm

  • Arti / Mangal Divo at Dada no Darbar and Stage at the same time starting 12:10 pm

  • Sadharmic Vatsalya Lunch & Food Stalls (Paals) will start 12:30 PM

Sign-ups: For sponsorship opportunities, See below for the details.

  1. Paal Signup: Online Link

  2. Religious Laabh Signup: Online Link

  3. RSVP for Swami Vatsalya/Sadharmik Lunch: Online Link

For more information or any questions, please send an email to or call Jayeshbhai Khona at 408-439-4182.

Girish Shah & Chandni Shah
VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs