Schedule Religious Programs

Please fill out the following form to schedule any religious program at the temple or at home, and with/without Community invitation. For any further clarification, cancellation, or questions - you can use this same form by adding appropriate comments below.

Each religious programs (Pooja / Paath / Bhakti / Bhavana / Vidhaan) can be sponsored by a minimum donation of $101/-

Request for scheduling Religious programs

Religious programs can be customized as per your bhaav via contacting religious committee coordinators. Non-regular & private religious poojas/programs can be coordinated separately.

If you want to organize lunch or dinner for this religious program please contact and rent dining and kitchen area.

Additional key information:

Please make a note of the following additional key items:

  1. It is recommended to check the availability of dining/kitchen with JCNC Private Event department ( prior to scheduling the religious program.

  2. Swamivatsalya lunch email will be sent to the community in due time with sponsor details.

  3. You need to arrange food and related supplies/items.

Finance – Where/how to donate?

  1. Cheque must be paid to JCNC. Please add the Phone number and e-mail address on the check.

  2. Please provide the check in the office or drop it off in the donation box near the staircase.

  3. You can contact the finance department if you have a further query (

JCNC Music (Bhavna & Bhakti) Groups:

Our local artist teams normally perform during RC monthly programs on rotation and availability basis. You can always let us know in advance about your preferences. Following are the contact names and numbers:

  1. Nitul Haria & group (302) 252-5465

  2. Kirit Bavishi & group (510) 709-7672

  3. Pravin Turakhia & group (510) 593-7000

List of coordinators & their contact numbers:

  1. Snatra Puja:

    • Religious Team -

  2. Bhaktamar Paath:

    • Ashok Sethi (408) 728-9860

  3. Namokar Mantra Jaap:

    • Pravin Turakhia (510) 593-7000

  4. Aalochna Bhakti and Swadhyay (Shrimad Rajchandra tradition):

    • Pramod Patel (650) 222-7536 & Raj Patel (650) 302-4520

For more information please feel free to send an e-mail to or you may contact to one of our religious committee coordinators and team members.