Welcome to JCNC Jivdaya (Compassion, Well-being and Protection for Animals)

We encourage Donors to donate to Jivdaya Cause using our Donation link at bottom of this page and Select the "Jivdaya" category to ensure your donation is recorded for this purpose. JCNC has supported the Jivdaya cause for many years and we encourage any Jivdaya institutes to review our Jivdaya Policy and Apply to be eligible for JCNC Jivdaya Donation funds.

JCNC Jivdaya Policy

JCNC Jivdaya Application Form (** Please review Jivdaya Policy before you submit your application)

JCNC Jivdaya Field Trip 2015 Registration Form (**Registration Closed - Please contact jivdaya@jcnc.org or education@jcnc, org for any questions)


  1. What is Jivdaya?

    • Jivdaya means compassion, well-being, and protection of animals.

  2. I know an Institute that provides welfare for animals, how do I refer them to be eligible for Jivdaya Funds?

Please have them fill out a form that will walk them through the process https://sites.google.com/a/jcnc.org/jivdaya/

We typically require them to submit full details of their org with following documentation

    • History of Org

    • Point of Contact details

    • Certificate from Govt confirming their Non-Profit Status such a 501(c)

    • Financial Audited Report of last 1 year.

    • No of the animals they support, how they are fed, and cared for.

    • Any other special project that will result in direct relief of Animals and their lifestyle.

If you have any issues filling out forms Please email all the info to jivdaya@jcnc.org and we will qualify org or ask if any additional info is required.

  1. How do you qualify a Jivdaya Institute?

    • Please refer to our policy link above

  2. What is the Jivdaya fund distribution process?

    • We target to distribute funds to qualified Instituted before the 3rd Qtr of the year.

  3. How long does it take once qualified to receive Jivdaya funds?

    • Process approx 1 Qtr.

  4. How can I help for Jivdaya cause?

    • Please reach out to jivdaya@jcnc.org, We are always in need of volunteers to help for a great cause that can make a significant social impact.

Contact details

Distribution List

**Disclaimer: JCNC reserves the right to update Jivdaya Policy and qualify institutes eligible for Jivdaya funds without any Notice.