Lifetime Supporter Program (JLSP)

The 2015 year has been the 15th Prathishtha Anniversary of our temple. JCNC humbly invited Sakal Sangh to celebrate the Prathishtha Anniversary and Annual Dhwaja ceremony from Thursday July 30th, 2015 to Monday August 3rd, 2015. Vidhikar Shri Narendra Nandu led the ceremonies and pujas during three days and many community members attended and took Dharam Laabh.

The Jain Bhawan is a proud symbol of harmony and unity as we at the Jain Bhawan have combined all Jain traditions – Shwetamber subdivisions, Digamber and Shrimad Rajchandra teachings under one roof. Our increasing membership makes JCNC a vibrant place. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

It is nice to see that 24,000 sq. ft. of the space is used in many different ways. More than 1,600 people attend the six major religious functions every year. Industrial grade kitchen and dining hall are fully utilized. Hundreds of volunteers work from early morning to late evening to make each function successful. Sunday mornings are filled with lively giggles & chuckles from 500+ young children, following their religious classes or regional language classes. The JCNC holds regular meditation classes and senior citizen mixers. Religious discussions on varied subjects are frequently heard in the classrooms. Jain Bhawan has become very popular place for social events in San Francisco Bay Area. Various outside groups take advantage of our reasonably priced rental packages for their education classes, weddings, engagement, birthday parties, cultural programs, and music functions. All this require larger operational funds than ever before to maintain and manage the elegance of our temple.

On such an auspicious occasion, JCNC has launched Lifetime Supporter Program. The donor under this program will donate on recurring basis every year for the lifetime. All funds collected under this program will be utilized for general donation and operation of the temple (100 percent). The minimum amount for this program is $351.00.

You are welcome to donate more than $351 on recurring basis every year. For all donors a plaque will be given first time when they enrolled into this program.

Your cooperation and contribution have always encouraged the JCNC leadership and dedicated volunteers. With unity and your tremendous support, we will truly succeed in our mission of raising the bar of service for Jains Dharma and community.

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